Live prediction using a spy system

I have contacted a spy equipment company and i have thought of a way to beat casino literally for everyone with the use to live video use by concealed camera and i can provide prediction through a comminication device. I can prove this system work for free and i do charge 40% of your winnings after your session. It is up to the player’s honesty and pay me commisison. If they don’t pay, i just won’t analyze or predict a wheel for them the next time! This system is only around 1500usd! If you don’t wanna pay anything before hand, you can try to record the wheel with your phone secretly for 200spins, then i anaylze the data. After that, you can take videos for another 200 spins without the outcome and i will win!

Current players can also join using this system and get a comission of 15% and I charge 25% for the platform.