Limitations of human

Has anyone tried martingale system?


I’ve been noticing a few posts from you on this forum and just thought I’d give my 2 cents on this post.

We are all here to try to gain the best advantage at the game of roulette. We have been through many trials and tribulations whether it was the beginning of trying simple progression betting systems to advanced physics and everything in between.

I’m my personal experience and opinion (may not count as much), there is no SET method or system to gain this advantage. I THINK an advantage player these days is one who can easily adapt to the current situation of the game when and as played and draw an immediate advantage from it. While some methods may be brilliant in a certain session, will be horrible in another. (Again, the advantage is in the ability for the player to recognise the difference and either change their methods/ systems or walk away).

There has been a lot of work done by different people on this forum, be it creating programs for roulette computers or testing endless systems (and some expensive live casino testing). But the truth is there is no bulletproof magic system.

Now, coming back to your post; I don’t agree with your approach (again, I may be incorrect, but just my opinion). There are just too many variables that affect data collection over the long term, some of which can actually contradict outcomes and cause a negative edge. From the casino randomly cleaning and swapping wheels, to them putting in new different wheels to changes in atmospheric pressure to dealers to aircon temp to ball changes to new defects appearing to to to to etc and the list goes on and on…

I believe, an advantage player is one who can quickly asses the wheel and gain an advantage in THAT SPECIFIC SESSION PLAY. This could be a result of trying a variation of computers, to timers, to vb play.

The game is an extremely complex one with many many factors to consider for consistent accuracy in prediction but it’s not impossible.

My advice to you is save yourself the 20 years of collecting data and try to equip yourself with methods to gain an advantage for session play. Yes sure you’re not going to win every session, but ADAPTATION is the key.

Again, just my 2 cents.

Is possible to name them as many methods, but all are only branches of some one bigger, or wider method…

Sure, but that is maybe the result of some knowledge…So knowledge is main, abilities to recognize and change is say in second place…

Of course, that is the best, but thinking this way we came to that advantage when we knew where the ball would fall - and that is again - the result of some knowledge, gain knowledge - are in the first place, abilities in adaptation in second… :slight_smile:

It’s a lot clearer if you use some kind of allegory. For me, as a former basketball coach, it’s easier to use something from basketball. For example, hitting a basket is like a winning bet…
I don’t think anyone would argue that to shoot better, you have to practice.

In basketball such training takes place with a machine - which serves the balls and the player makes thousands of shots in a certain time interval.
And the key word here is thousands… Hundreds do not work - that is, there is almost no benefit if you throw only a few hundred times a day …

The analogy with this in roulette - is data analysis and that data should be thousands. If there is less - the percentage of any errors made - can be so large that the conclusions that you make from the data can very often be wrong …

Hi, I understand the importance of taking thousands of spins data of a wheel. However, quoting from the book how to visually detect biased wheel, he mentioned that recording thousands of spins to find bias wheel is like recording thousands of gas mileage of a car to see whehther the tyres are worn out. He also metioned that the difference between a professional player and semi professional player is that professional players are experienced enough and doesnt need to take lots of data while semi professionals need to take thousands of spins of data to support the bias casued by defects. Whats your thought on this?

I don’t remember him saying that.
It doesn’t matter - it’s the logic of decision-making that counts. And logic says there’s an optimal amount of data that gives the best result. A lesser amount of data will lead to errors, a greater amount will not give the desired benefit.
And here the ability to calculate how much data is needed is very important.

But this is another topic.

If you can all detect by sign - that is good, if such I could for sure not collect so much data as I do…
But now is it as is and I need such an amount of data that I need.
Why for you not to say how you all detect without much data? All will be happy to hear :slight_smile:

But the point of the book how to visually detect bias visually is to save time. If one need to take thousands of spins in order to profit, that is just not viable playing solo. Hiring wheel profilers is probably the only solution.

What is the difference what is the point of the book, if you can’t do it? I commented Pinkchip’s post where he did not talk about bias. Bias play is particular and very rare who knows how to use some bias deviations…
And I talked not about bias, but about play in overall

If you hope to beat Wheel playing solo, then I can only wish you luck, not know who nowadays does…
You somehow strange talk, is big doubt if you know what player needs that to beat wheel…

I understand what it takes to beat the wheel. I am also not sure if casino these days are that stupid. Yesterday playing at my local casino, i saw a guy winning around 10000 usd in 2 hours playing 15usd per unit. I then heard the pitboss telling the manager to “fix” the wheel tomorrow. Just thinking that if i am to work for casino, it is not hard at all to spot advantage players.

If someone can answer me whether it is worth playing full time, that would be great. I know a lot of factors depends but my goal is to consitently win money lets say 2million usd per year then that would be good. I would love to listen to those who have already achieved what i want to acheive.

As i might have mentioned in the forum before, it is probably a good idea to treat roulette like a business and manage it just like a company. However, before doing so, i need to personally beat a few of the wheels first.

But from what you write looks the opposite. Looks like you do not understand why AP needs that big data and why is not possible to win with small.

You may understand that a good focus master after demonstrating focus - never opens the secret of how it was made…
I think something similar is with beating roulette - nobody will open all how he wins…Even in books minds are well hidden, they are, but they are hidden and reading them can not everybody.

I certainly understand that the bigger then edge, the lesser the data is needed. However, it would also be easier for the casino to notice and repair.

However, taking a lot of data then the casino repair or replace or swap the whole rotor, wouldnt that be a waste of time?

I certainly understand that a master would keep secret to themselves. However, there is no such thing as a secret forever as other people will eventually find out as this is no rocket science behind roulette. I guess the key is keep a low profile instead of not telling people the secret because this might speed up the process of other people such as jealous people, wheel manufacturers or caisno trying to ruin you. I literally go onto the wheel manufuctuer website and found out they have countered most of caleb book’s material such as using anti warping material for the wheel cone, use pocket bottom which doesnt reflect light, etc.

Practice says differently than you - usually people very hard to understand how advantage in roulette is created…even if they have a high mathematical or some other educational degree.
I many talked with such people and very good know how hard to understand that for them…
If were different - there would be many winners in roulette at least for some time, but in reality, almost there are no…
I can say my impression is such, that a person, who in forums talks about winnings and lectures - usually himself can’t win…

Whether knowing how to win and you are capable of the winning are 2 things, just like f1 drivers and the engineer who design the car. Roulette is a bit different as it is a cat and mouse game, and there is no gurantee that you would succeed after putting efforts in. I would be grateful if someone can develope a software sold only to players to train team members, like a video tutorial, developing the skills enough to win the game both vb and bias.

  1. Develope skills to count 2 seconds perfectly
  2. Know wheel speed instantly by just looking at the wheel.
  3. Able to predict the number when the ball hit the diamond and exit the ball track as a second nature, and know how many revolutions are left for the ball to exit the ball track.
  4. Know how to take data of the exit ball track number to the final number average yardage for different wheel speed.
  5. Knowing how a change of air pressure has effect on the travel distance of the ball.
  6. Knowing conditons that is bad such as when a dealer spins the ball which gives a weird sound.

Sure, but without first will not be second and that is main…

Why not do it yourself then?
The more I read what you write more see one line - you want somebody will do something for you…That looks to me strange…

As a successful businessman or leader, i think it is more important to build a company/team/structure more than one people being very capable. It would be absurb to think that elon musk does all the programmings and engineerings himself for tesla and space x.

I also think that financial sucesss is one that can live with passive income and does’t need to actively “work”.

Maybe for you, that is absurd, but Elon Musk is a programmer, and many programs for sure he did himself at the beginning of his career, if he did not know how to do it, maybe he not have become who he is now…

Play roulette is not a business, the same as chess play, the same as any other play so do not mix things that are so different. If you dream about business imperium - not waste time with roulette - that is very different.