Laurance Scott

I was curious how LS crossover develops during the spins deceleration patch using the number rings numbers.
I use each and every number on the wheel to read the marching deceleration patterns.

This way using each number on the wheel and not two fixated spots on the wheel make the patterns develop more early.
I notice that some speed is better than others and that you can predict very early.

There is three distinct crossovers that you visually can observe during three different stages during the spin deceleration path.
Is pretty fascinating that physics and their solution never grow old and stop working.

The main reason I test this was to try out a particular method, before collecting real data in the casino.


Speeds of what ?

I think at least earlier you talked with Larry. Why then you all that not asked direct him?
Larry’s method was of course first about what me told Pawlicky many years back, but I immediately noticed many not practical things in it. Later I slight subscribed with Larry, with Caleb and my doubts were simply confirmed.
In past was a period when I many talked with Kaisan, saw how he played and he plays different, of course not saw how play Larry, but heard that he play differently than write in his book :slight_smile:

Yes never grow old, but why you are so interested in black/red kind systems :slight_smile: ?

Good idea to email Laruance