Laurance Scott forum

I send one email to Laurance and ask what happen to hes forum.
He told me that RGE had problem with all their forums - they were hacked - and they decided to not bring back hes forum.

Maybe its was not much action, but i search the forum and can tell you there was some pretty sensitive and good information around.
And the option to ask the legend Laurance Scott direct questions.

Do you mean spinzone? I copied everything… but never managed to find the way to post there… only to reed.

Not the spinzone forum - i talk about hes open forum board.


He should convert it.

[quote=“lucky_strike, post:3, topic:1040”]Not the spinzone forum - i talk about hes open forum board.

Cheers[/quote]such thing existed??? Lololol. Im always the last to descover things >:(

It’s “” then go to Blackjack hostet by Don Schlesinger …

The answer of the admins :

The Forum Archives forums are no more. Or as we wrote to Norm nearly a fortnight ago:

"We've decided to retire our forums ... or to be more accurate, the forums decided to retire a long time ago and now we're finally filing the paperwork and ordering the gold watch."

As traffic withered and the forums died a slow death, there wasn't a strong business case for us to try to revive them. Although it pained us personally to see them fall into disrepair, we had to focus on new business opportunities. But of course, rust never sleeps. And in that time Norm has built and maintained a thriving community on modern software. We know how much work that is, and it's an amazing effort we want to support.

So we're proud to announce that the forums have been archived here. Some 55,000 posts spanning over a decade, Don's Domain and the Open Forums were an integral part of blackjack history in the new millennium. Original research, epic flame wars, and thoughtful discussion – many by the biggest names in blackjack – can be found therein. We would be remiss if we did not thank Don for his incredible support in that endeavor, as well as Parker for helping moderate the forums through the years.

So this isn't goodbye, just a note saying we're doing what we should have done some time ago. Oh, and BJA3 on Kindle is coming.

Good Cards,


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