Laser measurements: The London Ritz gang

What do you think about this coup?

It was obviously legal and alledgedly yealded £ 1 300 000 in two nights. It included laser measurements of the ball. Of course, in principle precision can be made arbitrarily good. NASA measures the distance to the Moon with 10 mm precision. And that was 10 years ago. Now computers are like 100 times faster per dollar cost.

I suppose that they didn’t use the laser to directly measure its speed in the fashion which the police does with speeding cars, even if that (almost) would be technically possible given very careful adjustments for the angle in which the ball moves relative to the laser beam (it’s not moving head on towards you).

Rather, they aimed the laser at one point of the balls orbit. The laser beam was broken as the ball passed it. After two passages the speed is given with TOTAL precision. I talk millimeters and milliseconds here.

The computer interpreting the laser reflections needs to be calibrated to react on sudden changes caused by a rushing roulette ball such as: In the order of one centimeter, arising and disappearing within x milliseconds. This would work as an intelligent filter to eliminate disturbances caused by the pulse and movements of the gambler holding/wearing and aiming the device. Or even from people and cigarette smoke breaking the beam partly and temporarily. Such calibration is most easily and most efficiently performed by having the program “learn” how to react in special training sessions before entering the field.

What I’ve read about that London Ritz coup, it seems as if they used a whole team of people who communicated with each other using radio. BUT, a gadget like this could be made to be put in one persons breast pocket! Probably, they weren’t very tech savy, or maybe I underestimate some practical problems.

They used visual technique from Belgrade,
Their odds were not as high as described but they had balls to play high value bets.
If you can win $2000 by using $5 chips you would achieve same result as them if you use $1000 units.

aldough they had good equipment they still lacked common sence because they didn’t had to sqeeze that casino in that way.
a good saying I like is “you can shave a sheep many times but you can only kill it once” or even why come back after you already left with profits the day before.
I think the key to profesionalism is not only to be able to predict but also to make it believable .

wel lthey killed many sheeps :smiley: