hi together

i want to go maybe in the first june week for 14 days to las vegas
in the mirage.

was somebody in this place ?
is posibele to play with FFV
is possibele to bet in the last 6. round?
what are the problems in vegas casinos for wheel watching
can the casino dedekt ffv!!!
are “only american wheels with double 0” or
are there also european wheels with single 0

are there special casinos for us? with better conditions

whats minimum to bet
what i must do, to get free hotelrooms (maybe i make deposit 10.000 dollar…?)

thanks for tips !
maybe many questions but maybe also interesting for other people;-)


Carefull with ff there… l think it is illigal…

You should be careful using roulette computer in Las Vegas …
Send Snowman a PM or email Laurance Scott for further information.

of course…

thanks for answere

but i want to know details how i get maybe a free room …if i deposit money in casino
or wich is for to play best casino (cesar , belagio, mirage…)

how long is NMB… and all this things

is the wheel only on one table clockwise and on the other anti clockwise…
are there fast wheels

wich wheels are there (huxley, cammegh…?)

are also european wheels without double 0