@Kelly - VB2

Nicky once you have learned it, maybe you can explain it to me. Especially why it works. And how, when you dont know the end number up front.

Imagine the ball is slowing down 6 pockets per sec. (not per rotation but per sec.)
Rotor is 6 p/s for an easier explanation.

You play VB trying to get ball rotation around 1200ms.
You get it, no problem perfect prediction, if you misjudge ball rotation you have an error.

VB2 player does same but he applies 2 sec time when the ball is about one sec/r.

Let’s say he did it perfectly, he started time at ball 1 sec/r, after 2 sec he reads reference number when the ball is about 1.2 sec per rotation. Is not same number as you would get but as you know you can read any number within particular rotation then result is just matter of an offset. Also lets say when he started time number zero was under his starting position. (The player doesn’t need to know / notice that number.)

If you miss one rotation you are wrong by about 6 pockets or if it is later rotation even more.
(with faster rotor it increases)

In case of vb2 player, if he start his reference time earlier, let’s say 2 sec
When he applies the time rotor will be 12 pockets in front so he will start reference time at same place but number 14 is there. The ball is CW direction, so the zero still needs 2 sec to come there.

Because the ball sowing down with paste of 6p/s when he applies 2 sec time it means in 2 sec the ball sows down by 12 pockets. But in this case we look reverse so when he applied the time 2 sec earlier in spin the ball is faster and it will cross 12 additional pockets.
If when the player applies the time when the ball was 1 s/r after 2 seconds sec the ball crossed for example 37+20 pockets
Then if he did it 2 sec earlier the ball will cross 37+20 +12 (12 additional pockets)

But because the player din’t have same number at start, instead of zero he had 14 ( -12 pockets) he reads same reference number as if he was predicting in same rotation when the ball was 1 s/r.

When he starts at 1 sec p/r rotation he starts at zero after 2 sec the ball crosses 37 + 20 pockets he would read number 24
When he starts 2 sec earlier at number 14 , after 2 sec the ball crosses 37 + 20 +14 pockets.
So he again gets reference number 14 regardless of misjudging when to predict by 2 sec.

If you have a wheel where you can confidently identify particular ball rotation to the end of spin you are better with traditional VB, but if you can’t then VB2 is very helpful. It also better with earlier predictions where is much harder to estimate ball speed.

If you put some time to it I am positive with your experience you can find it very helpful.

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