Just received my FFa

Having trouble getting sound from it will not hook up to bluetooth, when I hook up to small speaker i do get some static but thats all any body out there to help me.

Don’t mistake Bluetooth ON/Off switch on the side of FFA with power switch which is very small at the back side of the system next to the socket for plugging in the clocking switch.

To hear sound form the system plug 3.5 mm earphones, or small computer speaker to the 3.5 mm socket on the FFA.
Do not use mono 3.5 mm jack.

On the picture you can see the difference in between mono and stereo jack. Stereo one has 3 parts connected.
If you use old mono one it may make short circuit on output.

The FFA BT module is a transmitter , it can be paired only with BT receivers.

Hey forester could u explain how work FFa???

3.5mm port u can conect speaker and it give u sound. Otherwise u can conect a induction look and with a earpice u can get the same sound.

But what about the bluethoot??? is like freehand on cars parrot??? What device is necesary for audio team??? How u conect FFa with other device team, it conect with a mobile phone???


You can not pair it with mobile, you can pair it only with receivers.
Something as this

All rechargeable FFAs have built in BT transmitter. There is some old ones that use AA batteries they do not have BT.