John huxley saturn starburst

I have noticed a very strong rotor wobble (whw) on a saturn starburst jh. I have taken approximately. I can see the seam line and the rotor rise and fall. Since there are no fret and pocket bias, would that be potentially a good wheel? I know there is no pocket bias base on observation. I haven’t take loads of data, wheel speed is around 3.5s to 4.5s and the ball used was big, air presire was 1016mBar. If was to bet just before the taller side, by betting 10 numbers, i would have won around 150 in 30spins by betting 1 unit each number, that is 50% actual edge! Does that seem normal or this might be just luck? Or i have to take more data. The ball do approach the wheel at a shallow angle around 30degrees most of the time.

For VB, i have not played these type of wheels before, the yardage data is somewhere between 30pockets to 50pockets maybe 80%of the time. Maybe some travel around 20pockets and some just over 74 pockets. Anyone think this is playable? I have seen another ap play this wheel but not sure what data he had but he had a good run! However, i am not sure he is just lucky or not and he seems to be playing vb not bias!