Jafco Roulette

I am a very average roulette player who would like to become better.
I only play online so Dealer Signature is of great interest to me, and I am tempted to buy Jafco’s DS system. The problem is the stories on the internet as to the ID of Jafco. Is he John or Mark Howe or some other scammer ? I know hs address in London is a mail forwarding address so I am not sure.
Can anyone on the forum help or am I going to have to spend some money to find out for myself ?
All replies would be greatly appreciated.


If you type jafco and search you get…

Post about jafco http://rouletteplace.com/index.php?topic=580.0

Then there is


Similar site to Jafcos,

Judging form front page someone is selling something very simillar. ;D


You cannot profit with dealer signature online. But on some online casinos, you can bet during the spin and therefore VB techniques can be applied and an edge is possible. The video footage must be fluid with no lag though which is not always the case, making it difficult to clock the ball and wheel.

Thanks for replies.
Only played and read about roulette for one year and so far think this ;
Roulette place - best roulette forum
Forester - genuine
Steve Hourmouzis - scammer
Mark Howe - scammer
Jafco - undecided
System - play what you feel comfortable with


I see you can play at Fairway Casino where you have maybe 10 seconds from start of spin to NMB.
Is this good to try and learn VB ? The live feed is good but the casino is in Costa Rica.
Does anyone else play there who can say if they are trustworthy ?
Newbie appreciates any help from forum.


John is ok in my book - that is hes real name and i speak to him in the past.
What you can do is make contact with him and send him one email.

First you want to learn is the wheel layout.
Secound you should learn how to read the ball movment - make one visual read that is acc.
After that there is tilt and scatter - air pressure among many other things.

John does give you lessons in real life if you want to meet up with him - i assume that he has many good things to teach you when it comes to how to play a two or three pin game witch he mention to certan poor degree in hes method witch he sell.
Forget about DS your main goal should be VB.

My advice is that if you stay and spend some serios time reading at this forum - i am sure you will learn.
One thing you can do is to take a look at VB2 - it has pontentials with out being the very best visual read among others that is much better - just so you get started.
By the way forget about all the talk about 1 pin game and learn how to play a two pin game using overlaps - there will be more real oppertunites in real life.


Thanks for reply ! I appreciate it .
I am reading about VB , but it’s like opening a can of worms.

I always play 8 pin game!
Same applies to tilted wheel.