Jafco RC Pred7-X (Oct 2012) NEW

Jafco has released a new version of his RC on October (for leveled and tilted wheel).

I’ve never had one of his RC.

What do you think of him? Same kind of scammer as MH or serious person?

I haven’t had one of his RC either but have communicated with him in the past. He seems like a decent guy. Never heard anyone ever accusing him of being a scammer. I believe he is genuine but personally would stick with Miro because his rc’s not only work but I’m sure woild have many more features than any other available.

He doesn’t have a roulette computer but an application for PDA to simulate RC.
Not sure why he needs new version since according to his videos he was predicting final result with higher accuracy then what he could predict where the ball drops. Even Stefano didn’t make such videos.

Nothing running under any OS is good for timing. Apparently some new Android kernels is possible to get close to 1ms time accuracy. Last person I know that bought his PDA was more than a year ago so if you decide to buy let us know.

I have no intention to buy. The price is very high (2250 english pounds), and I don’t think it will be more accurate than FF.

There are only few people still using FFA (talking computer) almost all switched to FFV or FFZ.
Problem with all talking computer is rotor timing. Player always have to wait until rotor comes to particular position for clocking which makes it impossible to short spins with slower rotor. Also they have to calculate rotor movement from moment you clock it which makes additional inaccuracy especially on faster rotors. FFZ/FFV do not have such problems. Another issue are all wires players must have for induction and earpiece. Some people still prefer talking computers because it is simpler for them.