Is spin imparted on the ball important?

Hello everyone. I have been looking into a project for roulette and have
a curious thought for the more advanced concerning ball spin.

I am not concerned with top spin or back spin unless it rotates to side spin
and that is the issue, the elusive side spin applied in a low friction enviroment!
Say I have a dealer who spins the ball with the same force every spin but on
some imparts side spin it is fair to assume a difference in outcome if both types
are compared is it not? But is the differance significant to push the ball from
say 12 o’clock diamond to 3 o’clock for instance? Also if the ball track has
deformations, in my head its fair to conclude the ball trajectory could be more
influenced being subjected to more of less deformity and futher alter the
outcome again if spins are compared. So my questions are if anyone knows:-

  1. Will side spin be enough to alter the outcome if compared to a regular spin?

  2. If the ball track has deformations could this futher cause inconsistencies with
    predicted outcome?

  3. Do any advantage players observe the way the cropier releases the ball and
    get influenced by certain types of spins?

How the ball is spun at the very beginning of the spin matters in that it can determine when the ball “shudder” or “chatter” wave happens. If the dealer has a hard “snap” the ball may slide or backspin a great deal, causing the “shudder wave” to shake the ball from the track prematurely. This is especially true on bad ball tracks. Yes, it can cause a drop point to change, and it can effect the speed of the final ball drop revolution.

Thank you, Snowman for the insightful reply. Very interesting.