Is Jafco Mark Howe?

Hi Forester,

I’ve read so much about Jafcos system, I know you also sell your system but I cant afford it, what I want to know is if Jafcos is mar howe and if you recomend me to buy his vissual system to play on a biased wheel I think

I hope you can asnwer me

Regards xxxx

Is Jafco mark Howe?

Aparently he is not. That Jafco is Mark Howe was stated by Stefano at scamming roulette site roulette system reviews.
Truth is that at some stage nobody knew, so we believed that it might be Mark.
I know few people who bought Jafco’s system or computer and apparently he is not MH. Then again Marks real name is not MH. And Jafco is too polite to be MH.

Wat I wanted to say about Jafco system is here,580.0.html
But you will find and what some others think about it.

If we ignore some mistakes, it is a basic explanation of tilted wheel.
Good thing is that you get one sec timer, and the price is reasonable.
Some people who had no idea about advantag play find it valuable to start to learn.

Do not expect results as you can see on his videos.

There is no magic or secret formula or system to win at roulette.

The point is to be smart, understand principles how advantage is created and play.

All systems are only ideas and parts of solution, how all of that is applied in casino when and at which conditions depends only on you.
Buying any system and going to casino with $100 will take you nowhere.,1019.0.html

Here you have explanation about advantage play, when I find time I will add more and anybody with experience is welcome to write.

Hi Forester

Thanks for aswering me and for clearing my doubts.

Here’s my situation, I was thinking that with a vibe system wich is Jafco’s, I could make something good on a “biased” wheel wich Jafco told me it is, this wheel almost always hits just 2 vertical diamonds beafore it lands.

I mean I know I’ll not be rich with this system and I wont win 20K in one day with just 100 buck, but is there any possibility I can make a reasonable ammount of money buying a system?? does it woths to spend 300 buck in buying one?

I hope you can answer me clearing the points I mention to you.

Thanks for your patience

Regards xxx

You should write it at forums instead using PM.

Because I know there is some people here who purchased “vibe” system.
I do not know if anyone will comment.

It all depends on where you going to use it.
Jafco predicts 4 or 3.25 rotations before end of spin.

By my opinion it is too late, only 5-6 sec before then ball drops.
Perhaps you may be able to place chip or two at some tables. I am not sure if it is worth playing because you can’t play big units. Wen playing 1-2 numbers per spin, since sample of played spins is relatively small you will be exposed to big deviations in results.

Next problem is can you on your wheel know just by looking ball speed if it is 3.25 or 4 rotations before drop? Casino wheels are not as Jafco’s, where ball decelerates rapidly it is much harder to spot difference in between ball rotations.

Then, look how the ball jumps ? If ball is jumping everywhere you can’t win.

From Jafco you will get timer that gives vibration every sec. You can use it to check rotor speed.
He also gives you cards for beginners, where each card is for each kind of ball. Based how many pockets rotor makes in reference time you look on card and it projects where the ball will drop.( Assuming that you rightly guessed 4th rev. )

In usual original cards will not work accurately because they are made for his wheel, but it can be made for your wheel. It is only to be used when you learning. However in his book I did not see any other solution.

Only you can put it all together and make your own mind.

When I play VB, I predict 10-12 sec before then ball drops.
Obviously I can’t have great opinion about system that predicts 5-6 sec to the end of spin and where the player has to estimate particular ball rotation.

Spend time reading,1019.0.html
Also look for explanation of the knee point. If you can identify it on your wheel it is better then just estimating.

FFZ is the most accurate system, if someone asks me can he make money with it, I can’t answer it because there is so many additional factors. I am trying to say even with such device as FFZ it’s hard. With VB is harder, it requires a lot of practice and much better conditions.

Good luck.

The last plays I had these days, could say for myself experience that playing VB predicting earlier is much-much more accurate than playing with any RC!!! RC predictions in some good wheel in earlier revolution seems like unsafe but VB could be very advantage on such wheels, me personally win more with VB play than RC or in the case playing RC they start to spin the rotor faster and release the ball softly or just call the NMB so earlier that it couldn’t do anth.

just was watching last day one china guy playing like a mad man - each spin putting on the table 1500-2000€ after the croupier release the ball, observing the wheel and almost winning maybe just once of every 3-5 spins, playing good VB each spin earlier predictions. they came like 5-6 croupiers and 2-3 attendants near to the table to watch and intimidate him one of them still was so sassy that comet to the guy and start discuss with him about the tip he left, that it was so insufficient, hahaha beggaries and the guy just told them that he still was losing so much money and the other su*** told him smth. like that from the “upper” they called him and told that the guy was winning a lot of and do not let any tip :o

The RC grandpa:

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hohohohohoho ;D[/quote]so much hassle for nothing… the wheel is good for vb.