Is it worst or better?

Did some work on the site is it worst or better?

Good thing is, added list of recent attachments so you can easier trace test programs.

Any suggestions?

Don’t like it so much :frowning:

Click " revert settings!"please

I like it.

I think they did not like portal so I disabled it, it did look confusing.
If you clock on profile on right hand side you have theme changer where you can set it to previous look.

I like “Word of the Day”, in chat box, problem is I can’t remember new words any more.
Main point is I can better customize what people in support / development section will see.

Looks very nice to me. Good job!

It’s better. I believe it’s a good idea to periodically change up the look.


Agree that we must learn to live with change.

But that fixed TRANSLATE button annoys the hell out of me.

Keep winning


I feel the site is good … cheers

[quote=“mikemcbain, post:8, topic:1100”]Forester

Agree that we must learn to live with change.

But that fixed TRANSLATE button annoys the hell out of me.

Keep winning


You not going to use it but someone may.
It is different to stand out.
What is your suggestion, remove ,change color or…

How about
Does the page represents us, can someone add something to make us look smarter ;D.


The problem is only that it is in the wrong position, it covers some of the recent posts. Can you move it to the bottom right or bottom left of the Home page?


do you all remember the change of the hotmail page also, hahaah ;D

it received a lot of critics firstly and comments, but also… it had a lot of bugs in the beginning ???

…but now all goes on perfectly and all the people are so happy with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it could if the screen is to small or set larger.
Your wish is granted ;D

When I connect me on the smartphone-I have galaxy-4, in the home page the column which is on the right side named “recent post” is so narrow and longer than the rest of the page because the letters in this column keep their font larger than in the rest of the page! Take care for that pls, on the another theme there wasn’t this problem I mean before!

Are you sure, can you check again, home, board and posts pages.

When I say smth. if I’m not sure? 8)
Yes, I’m sure and it still is like this- the letters only on this column have the size larger than the letters on the rest of the page and this is the problem. It is only at home page the “recent posts” column. Strange it is only on home page, but on the others the size of the letters goes normal, mean small but still not the same like the rest of the posts on the page but let’s say could accept it. Should be done that the size of the column “recent posts” to be long like the size of the rest of the page and to has the same up and down boards like it

Get a Samsung note 3 … ;D

Haha :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying on home page on the right, column is narrow
but when you read post, same column for recent posts is ok.
Strange, it is same layout.

Yes, I mean this