Is an insider useful?

Would it be useful to you to have confidence with a person who works in a casino?

If so, what would you want him/her to do for, or tell, you?

Hi Rollo

nice to see you posting again

well I can defantly comment here,In XXXXX my family was living off a wheel for about three months ,it was the smallest casino in the world as law dictates that casino size goes on population of town,
so,i simply got to know all staff and the technician for that area ,and boy did he like to brush up his English skills through me

to my point ,i got know who cleaned the wheel who was allowed to see stats from wheel(airball) THE FULL PROGRAM, THE NEWS ON THIS ONE WAS SIMPLE none but none in the casino could see the stats clean the inside of wheel nor touch anything to do with the inside mechanism

the wheel stayed in the same conditions for over a year and only the inside of the wheel was cleaned by the technician

I milked that wheel for 250€ a day and the whole casino was taking about it( that’s big bucks in this land) I really didn’t know what to do but stop at that limit every day,

then one fatefull day i was there at opening Time e and to my digest was the technician with one of the monitors up and messing with some wires,he gave me his hand as its customary over there and said he was doing some maintenance and he would just be a minute…


I asked why the changes he explained that he can only touch what is on his job sheet and that he must do only what is stated on it,but,he said his boos did say that wheel was unfair and that some numbers where coming more than others ,on asking him which ones he said Ooh I cant tell you that ,man was i pissed off ,and tried to be the big man and thought to put him strait,Here I said it would nt be these numbers by any Chance ,I know that was wrong but i was really pissed off at him…but the look on his face was a picture i had over 5000 spins ,He said but how could you know ,I laughed and reminded him of conversation we had months back about hot numbers ( cough) remember you said that they may stay hot for few days but nit months…he looked down at the ground and then slowly looked back up at me laugh all the way ,gee not bad system ,maybe this wheel has been like this for long time
i said ,maybe I don’t know

sorry for the long reply ,but i got to know these PPl the one that wont help you are the jealous one even if there pissed off with there jobs they wont help you

I simply got chatting to them,what i will tell you now ,probably none will believe me

OK here goes…one day when wheel was truly established as bias I came down the few steps that lead to the casino and hey same again but thank the lord no maintenance just new programme for the aitball…Techman was with area techman ( his boss so to speak) WELL DID HE SEEM TO THINK HE KNEW IT ALL AND THIS IS WHERE the hot number convo came into play…well it got boring for all as they where waiting for the so called express post

o we just got really into heavy convo and the more they chatted the more i felt i was relvealing what my true game was,
His boos said same yes but they will change we all now this ,then i let it slip just to see what these guys really new ,lol nothing never heard of chi-square NOTING,

then he said you mean stats sure come he said over to my laptop ( it was plugged into monitor ) AND ILL LOOK FOR YOU AND PROVE WHAT IM SAYING:::: At THIS point I was real nervous as it was quieter and a few ppl had been listening to convo

he hit the key for the foreign word which i can only describe as HISTORY,bang shit fuck

he said sorry cant access it ,ahh i said you got no authority ,no he replied ,he said only him and a handful of mangers have access to this …OK so whats the problem…new program is coming and Ive wiped all the old stats of ff

point is what if i was there five minutes before man ,this is what a bias player dreams of…

IS an insider usefull ,ha ha bloody right he is

if i could have only got to get his attention before he left man oh man,

I think you what conversation would have been like


If he only knew

OK cyan later Rollo

Secman,I really do get in where water dint :-* :-* :-* :-*

Lokk at it like this

If you had your brother etc working there what would you ask him to doo for you or what info would you like from him

Now thats really got you guys thinking

Hmm ,you wouldn’t want your brother/friend loses his job ;D

OK that seemed to work,yes I think that was Rollo’s point…I did nt and neither Rollo thinks they do ,OK I’m guessing to,I would say they do too

Yes the legal side of things is an issue,what would breaking the law in some country’s would be different from others,ofcource are you asking this ,heymate tilt the wheel and section shoot my birthday numbers…or large number of info regarding unfair wheels ,is this what Rollo is asking us ,I personally cant tell you WHAT HE THINKS;;

yes it would be very foolish indeed to knocking off a casino for a while ,I think,( I’m GUESING ) THAT IT IS STATED in there contract AS A NORM THAT CLOSE FAMILY CANT PLAY in the same casino

OK moving on swiftly

OK well i dint think it would be wise of a direct person on receiving the info should actually play it

and totally you hit it on the head ,ONLY a complete IDIOT would bet huge amount of money,yes exactly you’d get heat very quickly and BIG STYLE

I think the trick would be Not work together ,like how you describe IS only for idiots

But what if you just got plain chatten to a guy ( casino employee) about hot numbers and he told you ,best place on that wheel for hot numbers would be 19 15 4 ,Geeeezzzzzz thieve been a cummin big time in the last while
yaaad think some ppl would open there eyes ,a What the hell It only a game


NAAAH that’s cheating not fair on the poor casinos

thx again for posting Rollo its raised some interesting issues

Many big wins were arranged!

Yes it would be useful to have the Casino director with you. Arranging conditions of play such as not cleaning the wheel too frequently, consistent spins, ensuring a bias is not fixed…In exchange 50% of your profits.
Problem is if he gets caught, he will strongly pay it. Maybe in the past with mafia it would have worked, or maybe today in some parts of the world, there are still dirty organisations which own Casinos.

Yes, get wheel and ball as Jafco’s (high ball deceleration, small ball jumps and tilt)
Set it in casino, place dealer that doesn’t care and every advantage player will take as much as he wants Even Viper will predict it. 8)

How many spins to determine bias? 3000?

Hi Toxic,

If you read Stefano’s paper system, he writes that 1500 spins is enough to determine a single number bias. He proved once again with this claim that the guy is a scammer and does not know what he is talking about.

To determine accurately which single numbers are biased, you will need to chart around 8000 spins, and for each direction the wheel is spun. Then you only take consideration to the numbers which have a standard deviation superior to 2 STD.
During play, you continue to chart and if the numbers are really biased, then the STD deviation for those will continue to grow up, meaning the initial STD is no coincidence.

If you can’t chart so many spins, you need a crash course from Snowman concerning the techniques to spot defects on the wheel.
But do not think you can spot defects on the wheel and then play on the possible biased numbers.
Defect spotting is useful to track wheels that are worth it. You certainly do not want to waste so much time to realize your wheel does not exhibit a good bias.

Anyway, you won’t find a serious bias player or bias team making any real bets without having a large data sample about the wheel.

Common Bago, Stefano has a web page where he advertises that he sells software to casinos to monitor bias. Then he sells to people genuine winner roulette system, promising them how it can bypass his own software and how his players make millions. :o

It is only lately that he changed it to 1500 spins.
Previously it was 333 or 666 or 999 spins. He was explaining it as special amount of spins required because of nature and magic golden spiral he discovered. Later on when people published more information on forums he learned that it is stupid and changed it.


there is NO specific amount f data to determine bias

it is possible to determine bias in under 300 spins ,it is dependant on conditions :o

as to getting leg up from casino personal has happened and is happening and WILL happen in the future,this is just a fact of nature

casinos pay tax on about 97% of there total profit ,so the idea of working with legal AP is very tempting

also I dint think this thread Is for public viewing!!!