Invisible Ink on casino cards

Always wondering how to get such ink.

“At first we thought they were using cameras, but we didn’t find anything. Finally, we realised that their strategy involved using contact lenses.”

The Italians are said to be linked to organised crime. A lawyer for one of the men is quoted as saying that his client had “come to the Cote [d’Azur] with a friend to have a good time and only brought a pair of sandals, a towel and a pack of cards, but that doesn’t make him a cheat.”

Read it here;

Macau police have smashed a mainland syndicate that allegedly swindled casinos out of more than HK$24 million using camera-embedded card shuffling machines, arresting seven men.

Detectives are also investigating whether dealers may be involved, but would not reveal the names of the casinos.

The modified card machines were first discovered in January but it was not until March 28 that the alleged culprits were identified.

The seven, including two alleged masterminds, were nabbed at hotels or at the border crossing when they attempted to return to Macau this month.
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amazing!! I think it is very hard to get caught by using this method. And the casino may take a more close look at the “blind” people.

very very clever

But I wouldnt like to get caught doing it lol

I’m surprised in America they let customers touch their cards, this is not allowed here.

The video is a little misleading, that’s a specific table that was specially set up for the show. They aren’t using real casino chips, and in all the casino cons they do I never see them using real casino chips.

As far as the ink goes, the only stories I have heard of are people who knew/know a chemist who created their own formula.

This video is form Barnett from Surveillance Technology.

They explains with more details how cards can be marked with different kind of invisible inks. I assume if you are lucky can even get some ink from them.

hi all

i believe its called daub. Most magic shops sell this kind of stuff.


wow! such inks are a gold source for casino players. It’s a pity that we can use them in online game ::slight_smile:

It depends… in double deck blackjack you have to touch the cards to be able to see them and plus theres only 2 decks.I dont know why they didnt play that game instead - you could mark the 10s much faster…

in my view i can see a business is running his trade where some people are trying to make there profit in large. i like the way of cheat cause it,s pretty hard to catch them red handed. i will not call it cheat or something else, it,s pure magic. :o

You can use this to mark poker cards and use contact lenses. I would be veryyyyy suprised if casinos didn’t have a camera lense that could see this ink.

One possible option is poker clubs and homegames, you can really clean up in higher stakes games.

I hate to break you bubble but a full spectrum camera is able to pick this up . The signal will be very faint but a trained operator should be able to tell that there’s something fishy going on . Besides the blind gambler trick 8) already draws enough attention . So security will be on the lookout and take you out before you can cash in .

Well said.