Introduce myself


Dear members,

I am relatively new with VB playing. Before I was trying longtime to beat the airball roulette in my friendly neighbourhood brick and mortar casino. I’ve tried to beat it but not limited to strategies based on statistics. More and less successful but not convincing. Trough another forum, I contacted a well respected member who was kind to introduce me with the basics of VB playing. I have been looking to use this method on the airball roulette but am at crossroad to abandon playing the machine for returning to the live dealer tables.

A tip that I haven’t seen on this forum (maybe it’s mentioned) is about practicing skills. Overhere I receive about three satellite channels playing roulette all day. The ‘smartlive’ casino offers live dealers and a good view on the wheel during spin. I record every now and then
some sessions to analyze them later with avidemux.

I hope to learn a lot more from the professionals here and will share what I may come to know myself. Only I am little concerned about casino industry professionals who might read all this valuable information also. Correct me if I see it wrong.

Best regards


Wellcome to the forum. Take your time to read… it has lots of nice things between the lines. You are absolutely right about your consern. Have to be careful about what you post.