Info on state laws governing computers

can’t seem to find anything that specifically states whether computers are illegal (except Nevada) and in what states in the US if any I could use one. I looked under gaming laws for my state and didn’t see anything specific. is it feasible to just use the visual method like VB2 or will I have to find an obviously biased wheel? of course I don’t want to pay $600 for something I could go to jail for. any help is greatly appreciated

Nobody push you, to buy something, that is your decision…

if I knew of a neighboring state that was more lenient with it’s gambling laws it would be preferable to play there. of course nobody is pushing me into anything . thanks for the reply

This is my personal opinion.

I would try focus on developing a good VB if you can. I never went down the computer road for the same reason of not knowing the gaming law for the different areas. At the end of the day, using a device (whatever constitutes a device) in a casino is more than enough to get you a ban. You may not be criminally charged, but if you are actually caught with an RC, you will get branded a cheat which isn’t a whole lot different IMO. Not to mention, if you are the only one betting after the spin, you will get watched a lot more closely when you win.

I’m sure RC’s can be good, but I personally won’t bother with one for solo play in North America. Having said that, I know there are people who do use them in NA casinos. I just have a vagina when it comes to using RC’s in casinos. lol

yes that’s the decision I came to with the help of vb veteran who I currently can not get a hold of. just wish I knew some people on the east to work with. I’m laser focused but nowhere to play