Info old RC

I am searching for old roulette computers.
Wish did it the old classical way.

They build up a library of many learning spins.
What to study how they made match calibration.

I very interesting in how they create different library for different task.
How the correlate the calibration.

Even if i master the skills so is there one important thing i have learn.
Back to basics and then chart new age of visual ballistics.

I don’t own a roulette computer of today’s principals.
I thank god for that.

They assume false positives during the way they measuring.
With out me revile anything.

I just find it so poor measuring one full spin development and then key two rev and it all depends on if you have one or two pin game as physical drop zone.

Its just amazing that it can not predict wish deflector will hit and the deflector next to it.
Rather then be depending on past observations regarding tilt.

Where is the new age of visual ballistics ?
I assume in the open there will never be any :slight_smile:

If you know or have a link where i can find information i would be very great full.
Many thanks.


What’s happened when you awoke? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you repeat one buy one becauase i am lost?