Im the new girl from Cali,wanting to say hello to everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself since I am pretty new to the forum.This forum seems pretty amazing so hope to learn a lot from others and contribute the best that I can.Hope everyone has a blessed week.Take care all.Talk to everyone soon. ;D

:-* Welcome dear.

I thought roulette was illegal in California? Welcome to the board.

I believe that they have Organic Roulette machines now, but no LIVE roulette games. Arizona is the same way.

:wink: We also have organic now and also another type interblok. Any suggestions how to beat it Snow & Davey? The organic here had no time after the spin to bet. Now though they have changed it and you could bet up to about 6 - 7 sec before the drop. Wonder why they changed it. I watched it a bit and tried visual on it but with very limited success. Not much of an edge because of ‘funny’ things happening as the ball drops. Could be air or static or some kind of influence that doesn’t make it nice to use visual techniques. Definate dominant drop and now late betting allowed almost makes it look like they want visual players to play. The change in rotor speed now have less of an effect if calculating as late as possible.

Any ideas how to nail these mfs? Sick of their games they play.