I'm Seeing a New Trend. The Return of Heavy Dense Roulette Balls

Over the past year, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of dense, heavy roulette balls on wheels all over the US. These balls are like round rocks. This is an about face from just a few years ago when the lighter balls with greater bounce were the rule. What’s the trend in Europe?


The trend in Europe is like it has always been, a significant decrease in balls. ZING!

I think you can broaden your assessment to include North American casinos, not just the ones in the US.

Not here if you mean Teflon (goes click clack clak instead of tic tic tic). They are still rare. Actually im not sure they are heavyer but they appears heavyer in the jumping. I think someone took the time to weigh them and said it was the same. (Maybe he used one of those road things for truck weighing)

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There is a new casino in Philadelphia called sugar hill casino that’s only a 10 minute drive from my house. Have you seen it yet? there is also another casino in Bensalem, Pa. That one is only about a 20 minute drive away.

What’s the closest casino from Philadelphia that has the heavy densed balls you are referring too.


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Where I am they use a combination, I was wondering why they would use such heavy large balls that hardly bounce for a long time, though i think ive finally figured it out.
My theory is that the longer the ball takes to spin (the lighter, crazier-bouncing balls) the longer each game takes, the less money the casino makes. Since the casinos profits depends on how many games are being played, they allow the heavier ball as it takes only a short time to spin. Ive seen some balls where I am where the ball is so large and heavy that the knee point is so bloody obvious a 2 year old could see it.