I'm not an expert in roulette computers but


I admit I’m not very familiar with roulette computers. I have never used one in a casino.

I do know and understand very well many roulette systems and strategies though. Well I guess you will just call me a “gambler”, since most of the forum members do not believe that systems can have an effect. Still, since I have spent many hours in casinos, in front of a roulette wheel and have read and though a lot about the game, I like to think I’m a bit more sophisticated than you average roulette gambler. You could call me a roulette student if you like.

And as a student I tried to research and understand a bit about roulette computers and write a monograph that newbies might find useful. I’m sure that you will have many objections or correction about it. As we know there is not universal truth in the kingdom of roulette. Everyone has an opinion and no two roulette players agree on everything. Yet I’m open to correct possible inaccuracies if any.

I even researched and compiled a little roulette computers buyer’s guide. In my research I was shocked to find out how much money the Steve guy asks for his junk!!! (I wonder if anyone is buying) Anyway…

Thank you very much for the hosting. Great forum! But I wouldn’t feel very comfortable talking about systems here, so I guess I won’t be posting very often. :slight_smile:


In the coming years, as you learn and read more, you will eventually realize that “systems” are a fools folly, and a “scammer’s delight”.

There are real ways to get the edge over the wheel, but there’s no way to beat the random game.

Best of luck,