If u bye a roulette computer...how can u pass it through casino detector?

in my country all casinos have in the enterance matal detectors…
and all the times that u go there the tells u to take ur mobile phone out of ur pocken in order not the alarm to hit…

so if i give 2000+ euros what should i do with it???

stay and watch it???or bye a roulette in my house and make accurate predictions and laph???

it is the size of a cigarete lighter. it does not have that much metal in it at all. if you cant figure out how to get in a casino wth ffa metal detector or not your not to smart. if you have doughts then dont buy it. no one is braking your arm to buy it.

and it only cost 1900 austrailan dollars witch is not 2000 euro


which system did i say that i have!!!


i think that u think that i am someone else!

you are right sorry for the mastake i corected it.

If you can to take ff to casino then you better not take it.

FF is only evolution device to gain knowledge about roulette and to teach you and gain skills needed for my VB2 which can pass any metal detectors.
FF shouldn’t be misused.

Maybe you should start with start at:


"Casinos don’t care if you use a pen and paper to write, calculate, devise, etc. In fact, all casinos welcome the system player because they know that any systems don’t work at all. As long as the casinos are making money, they are happy with players coming back and placing their bets. However, what casinos actually categorize as being “illegal” is what they call “devices”. This means you can’t use a calculator or a computer or any other electronic “device” which you can use to predict winning numbers.

In regards to information given on this website, many things discussed may fall into the gray area of legality. I do NOT promote or advise anyone to use any methods that are illegal! Therefore, information and equipment that I supply such as device, roulette computer, to predict winning numbers, are just for informational purposes only. It is provided for a reader to gain better understanding of how and why things work the way they do. With that aside, read content, news, forum and enjoy learning in greater detail how to win at a roulette."