Ib ministar auto roulette

I found a ministar automatic ib roulette, I would like to exchange information on that model. For example, what I saw is that there are almost no ball jumps. gives you 5 seconds to bet with the ball in motion. the module is easy to unbalance.

I want to add something else, in the zuum roulettes, things out of the ordinary happen, I have seen it many times, I know that the majority will say no, that they are not fixed, but it is difficult to see 60 delays out of a dozen, 25 arrears of a color, that the neighbors pay less than what one bets. today for example it happened: 32.32.32 , that in the zuum.
in the ministar
It’s too much of a coincidence… this happened today and I’ve been seeing it for several days now. as well as the number of times that the numbers come out.

in fact it is a real permanence of about 250 balls. it seems that a car clearly exceeds the sd of a manual. In the ministar what caught my attention was the ball jump beyond everything, there was no (0- 3 boxes)