can inask why my topic has been removed??

I would also remove it - but did not have the mod rights to do so - as we don’t deal with roulette systems at this forum.

So why have main topic called system sales? Also aren’t we all here trying to spread our knowledge about roulette and to hopefully discover the beST sytems out there?

Why don’t you wake up from your long sleep and se reality and stop living in a dream-world.

How come you want to tell the world about project X when it is grabage …
You wast our time and your own time with that stupid system witch has no edge or advantage at all - it only face negative expectation.

Thanks for telling me straight away that you obviously don’t keep an open mind about life and new ideas buddy !Can you tell me then exactly your purpose of hanging arround a rouletteforum is?? :wink:

Looks like LUCKY’s done a runner! I should have asked him if he’s actually looked at PX before becoming abusive!!! This is a roulette forum right guys! All about newer ways of beating roulette?

No you are wrong i want to help you.
Help you open your eyes so you don’t walk into a wall.

Yes true roulette boards are very good - that way i got a programmer into my team.
Also building contact with others witch see the light - before it is to late.

So Tell me this why are there so many systems for roulette being advertised here! You must be blind to have missed them!! Or are you biased also??
Also you apear to be the only fool here who appears to be trying to help people not to gamble ! lol

spiderman, thanks for trying, here we re not interested in systems you suggesting.
We are focused only on roulette advanced methods such as; visual prediction, bias, and roulette computers.
If you made a single post in “Systems sales and online casino” about it I wouldn’t mind.
You can try VLS roulette forum, good luck.

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