I will go soon in London

Hi everyone.
I am a new forum’s user, writing from Italy.
Next week I planned a trip to London.
I’m trying to learn VB2 that now, thanks to your all posts and new Forester’s video, is more understandable for me.
I kwow also Jafco visual prediction system, that I think is also valid, but with less potential for application in real casino conditions.
Now I ask you if you know what are the most beatable wheels in London’s casinos, where there are more possibilities to apply VB2 with success.
I read somewhere to avoid Ritz. Is it true?
I know other casinos in London (like Gala Chain, Empire and the new Aspers Casino at Westfield Stratford City).
Are there in forum members who live in London who could help me?
Thank you for your answers and sorry for my English.

I live in the UK and often go to London, though I haven’t played the wheels there for quite a few months.
In the past I found the game at the Empire (Leicester Sq) very relaxed as well as the Gala in Tottenham Ct Rd.
I’ve been out of the game for quite a while now doing other things but I’m going to dust my FFZ off and sell it so I can buy one of the new FFV-Acrobats.
Best of luck in London !

Thank you for your answer.
I have already been in London and I played very well in Gala Casino at Russel Square.
I remember that there was a dealer with good signature thanks to which I have predicted 14 following spins! Not bad considering it was one of my first experiences of play!

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