I want to buy a roulette computer in India is abig scope for winning

I from India and in India there is only 2 or 3 casino so there is roulette is old and there is no advance system in build I think.
Now main quastion is
I want to buy roulette computer so what should I buy that and which one is model is good for me.
Second quastion anyone from India is here and buy the forester or other roulette computer?

Speak to Forrester. Do you know anything about Visual Balistics? How many years do you play roulette?

i try to talk with forester but there is no answer from him and i play from 2 years in online casino.
i dont about real land based casino i never go there.

Hey bro did u ever try this new software by www.spinmagnit.com

Connect with individuals who have used roulette computers, either in India or elsewhere, to learn about their experiences and gather insights.

sorry to ask, why you need a roulette computer?