I need to ask a question about FFz

When i am at the casino and i am in a possition in front of the table,in order to be able to place my bets…i can t see the hole weel…

so if i had the FFz and i sould look at the time that the zap will made,if the zap is in the half of the weel that i can t see???what can i do???

Many people face that hurdle viper, the best thing to do is may be get a slight idea where the ball might have passed the rotor, because im sure the blind spot is probably less then a second, and as soon as you see the ball, you can probably take an educated guess.

I have the same problem playing VB. But say if my VB position is at 7o’clock for reference, and 7 o clock is in my bind spot, i willl look 2 o clock, to get my reference and then bet on opposite.

After some practice you just know it.

Viper, using and observing ball is not convenient as if system talks but zap has different advantages. If player makes few pockets error in observation it is already compensated because zap approach is resistant to rotor deceleration, also rotor clocking errors are smaller since system doesn’t have to calculate rotor movement all the way from time when we clock it.

In addition rotor can be clocked at any place independently from ball clocking position which is very practical in real play.