I must be doing something right

latest change on Stefanos http://www.roulettesystemreviews.com/

Only few hours later he changed review that was there almost for 2 years. :roll: What a clown, he makes review without single knowledge of system believing it is visual prediction.

UPDATE (21st FEB 2007): On this thread, “Forester” was exposed for lying about Stefano Hourmouzis (competitor), claiming he had Stefano’s computer, and that it wasn’t effective, among other false claims. Basically, Forester was asked a question about Stefano’s computer which Forester failed to answer correctly. If he truly had Stefano’s computer, the answer simply would have been correct. There was a $1000 bet that forester couldn’t answer the question correctly, although he refused to pay. It appears Mark Howe is not Stefano’s only envious and dishonest competitor. While it is not uncommon for one competitor to lie about another, when lies are exposed, you obviously question the credibility of whoever lies.

But that is not all check latest from http://markanthonyhowe.com/

Even Mark loves me for this. It must be very risky move for him because he knows that I have zero tolerance for rubbish. I think he is getting crazy or he really has something good.

Stefano is getting mad; I am wondering how many sites he is going to publish.

Did you read this one? http://www.stefanohourmouzis.org/

First his discredit my way of testing that his computer could not pass even it is only basic test. He claims testing on different diamonds is pointless. It only indicates his lack of knowledge.
If ball at diamond 1 has speed 1.200 sec/ revolution at the other one it will be close to 1.250, so we testing what computer will do when we clocking different ball speeds, But because and rotor position is different the difference should produce same result. Same spin should produce same result with any attempt to predict it.

Then he published video, trying to prove that his computer can do it.

He is trying to say, whoever tested his computer is wrong.
I do not think that we all are wrong.

It is not matter is test 100% prove will computer work or not, but the point is that same spin should be predicted with same result. And if computer can not do that basic task definitely it will not work. The test should not be as he describes, manually enter data. The data should be entered by user clocking.

How smart it would be, enter manually same data 10 times and wooohoooo you get same result. For that you do not need his computer you can use home calculator.
X +5=y now enter for x all the time same number and check result.

The computer should predict according to human clocking not the data we enter manually.
The way as he describes that his computer is designed is very wrong.
He can have 100 mathematicians not only 2 as he claims and they can do perfect job.
But they do job for wrong idea. For his computer the player is responsible to enter 100% accurate data so the computer can calculate curve how ball / rotor decelerates.

It is imposable, and that curve will never match clocked data from player.
All his users have same problem and Stefano blames them for failure, trying to make them to buy his video camera. But that is only one of problems with his computer.

Test was done with his video spins and data that he provides to be entered in computer as set up. Even then his computer could not predict.

I exactly know what he did at this video http://www.stefanohourmouzis.org/10spins.wmv

He used tilted system.
With tilted system computer will predict almost same number even if you click 100ms wrong.
Compare his clicks on this video with his previous video and you will notice that he is clocking every spin.
He uses continues clicking only to define particular revolution.
His tilted system works that way. If you miss clocking time by 200 ms you will get prediction wrong by 1 revolution. And that is why he had once predicted opposite side of wheel. All the other timings were within 200ms range for error.
But on leveled wheel even 30 ms is too much.

He writes how his computer will predict risk if rotor is to fast.
The truth is that all users talked with me most of the time hear only risk.
As main reason for that Stefano again blames users to not enter correct data manually.
For some reasons deceleration of the wheel (not balls) is so important and if slightly does not match what you clocked for wheel speed it will not predict. Practically you must play only if rotor speed is same or very close to same.

I do not know if this is true, http://www.stefanohourmouzis.info/

He tried to make agreement with Mark so he can convince more people to sell his computer. It looks as Mark ignored him.

I do not care at all what he is writing on the net about me.
Of course that I will comment, but actually it is free advertisement for me.
I hope someone who reads it, will search for forester roulette and come to my web site to find more information.

It is funny that he even wrote a message for me on his site.
He never sent me any email. I am still waiting to get his address to meet him, but he is refusing to send me one. His office on address that he provided does not exist.

And of course as many of you already know, he refused to give any refund.

By the way new gamblers glen forum is lunched, well it is not really GG but it has similar name and it is dark.