I made a fatal mistake

I converted myrulet.com to a different content management system. It’s a long process and still needs more work, but most of the stuff is there.

I have all backups on Amazon, and I was creating many.

Then I went to Amazon to remove older ones, but by mistake, I deleted and folder where all forum attachments are. I would expect they have something as undelete, but no. They have versioning, but it needs to be enabled.

It is not my day.

Eh, that is not problem…
One night sleep and I dream, that I figured out, how to predict which number will win. Everything is so simple and clear. However, I forgot everything, when wake up … here is a problem.


I added instructions and program back, maybe 20 images that i found in cache.

I think - that possible to save some part of something - all instructions downloads - separate in a site, in one piece all as some file. This way is many chances that somebody will have that whole file. I do not know how here are all made but say mine wife have own site so she has all the same on a computer, so she can restore absolutely all, maybe only some last days…
Tried some download write error …

Yes, but I wanted to keep server without all files from past 10 years.

The only problem is Amazon; I did not expect it.

I have other backups at few places only not attached files.

Now I realised instructions I uploaded do not work.

It is because the forum thinks it already has that file uploaded.

Even when I changed the name, it knows it is the same file.

I had to modify file a bit, rename it then upload it.

Now, forums all smart features work against me.