I look for buy FFA complete model used

If anyone is selling the latest model of ffa please message me. I will need everything like dvds and cables. I would really like to give this a try.

if you mean any meber here your answer is no,one was availlable but now is sold

your best to contact forester

you would like to give this a try, :o :o :o :o :o :o this aint no show room of RCs my freind you cant just test drive anything you want

sorry i was not making fun of you,i remebr now english isnt your first language

if you need any help as to the FF works and what best to look for then contact me the usual way,or forster

ok good luck

I don’t want tests or to try it, would only want to find an occasion.I was in contact with a person that I believed pits in Spain but instead it is now found in Colombia.For Italians it is a problem to receive commodity from countries extra CEE because of the customs and of the postal service are a big problem.I would be happy to find a RC from someone European.If I don’t succeed I will buy it new from forester hoping to receive it and not to see me applied an elevated tax. :’(

Nobody paid tex on FFA,
it is posted as audio device xxxx valued under $100.

Only in one country, few people from there had to pay something as $30 tax. :o

Man, i tell u before ,u dont have to pay any elevated tax, i recive items in Spain and in Andorra , there is no problem in the "customs " to recive any of this items in EU…and forester send this product like[quote=“Forester, post:4, topic:456”]Nobody paid tex on FFA,
it is posted as audio device xxxx valued under $100.[/quote].
so there is no problem!!

Yes and you are even in EU.

maybe someone just checking if 100 people want to sell it. :wink:

Do you know for which motive Italy together with Nigeria they are the 2 countries that the sellers eBay they refuse to have us to whether to do?The product that comes from a country extraCEE can be stopped by the customs, inspected despite that you forester writes that the value is under the 100 $, tampered with and /or stolen, or, after the documentation has been in demand to the recipient of the material (how much thing has been paid,what it is, received of payment and more) after 3 months I receive the commodity.If I can avoid all these risks whether not to do it?
Then securityman tell me yes or no.

No sorry is your answer :frowning:

that really is going above the call of duty for support :frowning:

also forster has sent to clients in to your country before

so i dint think you should have to worry about,its an mpr player worth 100 dollars,come on mate youll be ok

hey but i thought devices that had java aplets etc where no good for roulette prediction,this smells to me :o :o :o :o :o

becarefull you dont get scammed :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

ok im off

It seems doesn’t have other choice that to make it directly arrive in Italy.We hope in well. :’(

never had problem to arrive

but many wheels in Italy have problem to be predicted
abbiati is not very good wheel to play

I want to try the same.you are honest that you have told me him. :-*