I bought roulette computer myrulet

Hello Guys
This is my first time on forum
My back round is trading the financal markets for the past 10 yrs as a full time trader

I received the FFA for birthday present and I would like to give small review I thing it is a mazing how it keeps predicting the numbers and the ball just keeps falling there

Me and my wife where privileged to met forester and get a first hand demo how to use the FFA wow.
My wife was the first female to buy the FF Roulette Computer

Then I would like to tell you something even better about forester VB System. He showed me on the video how he predicts with out any equipment, it looked very impressive .

I asked him how you do it, he laughed and replayed ( I now results of the spins in my head)

But then he explained how he does it in five minutes .

I spent some time look at it and going over the video spins and find out how good it was
After some practicing I decide to go to the big house and try it .

SUPRIZE, SUPRIZE in four consective day I managed to win very nice amounts.

When I asked forester why only sell computer not VB He explained it is the masters secret never fully explained to anybody

I think myself and my wife are lucky people.
Further more I bought the ff zap as well so I can use timer from it to get even better results.

I was planning to buy Stefano’s computer but after my wife found foresters site with so much info we decided to make the right choice.

I wish to thank all forum members for providing valuable info.

Good on you.

You have most persistent wife and good birthday present.

She sent me 20 emails to convince me to sell her FFA.

If in first one she told me that she is planning to buy Stefano’s computer she could save 19 emails.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

My VB has no price, that why it is not for sale.

It can be explained on single page.

I wouldn’t sell it cheap, then imagine someone pays for that and receives one page of information.

To few people I explained it and they first thing they told me was, no way, It can’t be it.
But after further explanation and analyses they say, Forester you are genius.

My VB can’t produce results as FFA on tilt settings, but it is legal and very easy to apply, with flexibility to predict in any rotation. And still accurate enough.

I think there are few people who have his own VB systems. But almost nobody want explain it fully to others. And this is natural. But this leads to inventing bicycle again and again. I know and used few VB systems. Foresters system (how I know it, maybe not fully ) is one of best. But himself, when play without device, I use verry similar but slightly modify system.

Nor sure is it the best.

But I better add another part of story.

I think this guy is very lucky person.

He calls me ant told me for another nice win. Wow 5 wins in a row, for beginner.

What puzzled me is that he is doing it on Cammegh tilted wheels from which I am staying away. He has so much passion to wait for dealers that spin after spin turning rotor with constant speed, and he makes only small adjustments.

On this wheels regardless of how accurate is prediction scatter is so wide that I simply do not know how to play. I played 4-5 times, I did profit but I played only because I was profiting, and I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

To satisfy my curiosity I met with a guy again.
Together we observed wheel and I was explaining some things.

He asked me to do predictions and just tell him number and he will play 3 x $10 for experiment.
I really did not want to do it but on the end I accepted.
I think we played close to 25 spins and he was in front $1000 , last spin he played $15 per number, he missed to place one bet on predicted number and the ball stopped there.
It was advantage of 160%, but I still believe it is more luck. Perhaps maybe small advantage is possible but definitely not so much.

Told me there is another Huxley wheel that may be tilted so we moved there, and did same. Here he was winning even faster. At least I know what I was doing on that wheel.

Since we spent already hours in casino it was time to go. He was going to cash chips and I stayed with 30 units to play additional 3 spins.
It was fun, next 15 spins I had about 10 hits on my sector of only 4-5 pockets. This makes hit rate 1:7. Then dealer was abused by pit boss why letting me place chips. It was funny and it was time to leave.

I do not remember when last time I have had so much luck.
In usual I play 7-10 pockets even then I can’t get so many hits.


Every body think luck but it cannot be luck.

If you play three different wheels and win how can it be.

Have won for six days now five by VB and one with ff

One thing is when trading you must manage your loss and win

A lot of people if win

1000 then want 2000 then want 4000 then when is enuff and must have a stop loss but people dont

Did you play again only 3 numbers?

Cammegn sometimes good, sometimes bad. Need to play when its good only. All depends on ball and not wheel. Around 3 sec- good.

The Cammeigh is the most horrible wheel smb. could start to play on it in revers the John Huxley are the best ones for play. The last days I just had so many headake playing on the f*** Cammeigh and had to gone to back the money on the JH. I dont know why the Cammeigh are so so difficult when sometimes they seems so easy :o :o :o :o :o :o

Well. Did you study Cammegn wheel? I think not. ::slight_smile:

It really depends on a ball type.
With some jumps drastically change with rotor speed.
With new program version trying to make something now in regards such matter.

It depends on rotor speed and hour position of strike. In some hour positions and speeds of rotor everything is just fine. On others- vb is pointless. ( scatter is unpredictable by conventional means). I played one cammegn with small jampy ball ( composite ). Doubt that anyone would go after this roulette- ball combination. But after some tracking it became good.