I applyed vb2 in a real casino yestarday

yestarday night i went to my local casino

i found a weel that was good tilted at the 12 o clock diamond(5 of 10)

i have played as i said L scot s system in video spins that i have,but in this video weel was realy easy to identify a spesific ball revolution.couse every revolution had so much timing diference.

but in the real casino the revolutions was so dificult to be identified couse the ball decleration was too smooth ,that every revolution looked almost the same!

so what i did??? i simply applyed VB2 when i was obsearving that the ball was making a revolution every 1 sec.

i found that aplying the time of 1.2 sec ( i was lucky couse this dealer was spining the rotor at 4 sec per revolution)the predicted number was the number that was under the DD when the ball was hitting on it.
so i obsearved the scater and it was something like 9-12 pockets.
i have memorised the 1,2 with a little song)
to tell the truth i went there just to test and not to play but as u will understand i regret it.lol

so i started picking nums that i would have bet.
and these was the resaults!

the 1st spin hitted on an other diamond
the 2nd spin hited on the DD and the ball landed 1 pocket next to my betting num!
the 3d spin hited again at the DD and the ball landed again 1 pocket next to my predicted num!

so if i would have played just 3 chips per spin i would be up 63 chips!
in the next spin the rotor spun with a little more speed about 3 pockets faster and i made my prediction with 3 pockets distance and the ball was landed 2 pocket next to my prediction!

i didn t want to see anything else!

i was pretty happy with VB2 and with me!

A big thanks to Forester!

i just wanted to ask,did i do right calculation when the rotor was faster by 3 pockets diference?
or i won by luck?

Wellcome to the advantage world

The only problem is that I do not discuss VB2 system in any other forum section then dedicated for VB2. It is mostly for Support members (owners of FF).
To not be a pain in the a… I’ve made VB2 forum section available and for the others to subscribe and the price is very reasonable.

Of course VB2 Is good system and for me it is the most suitable system to play, other way I wouldn’t use it.

VB2 same as any other system it has his own advantages and disadvantages.
The system likes reasonably constant rotor, but yes you can make adjustments for different rotor speeds. Also defining which reference time to use is important.