I am shocked

Hi gents

I’m a newbie here, live in London and play locally. Went to hippodrome and Aspers in the last two days. I was shocked by casinos were cheating players with rc balls.
I thought casinos in the UK were well regulated and monitored, if someone told me that casinos were using those thing to cheat customers, I would never believe that. Till I saw them by myself. Any London players please be cautious!!! Recorded some of the videos, missed the ‘good’ ones, literally the ball bounced backwards 20 pockets after almost dropped. Hopefully i can get clear videos and raise awareness to gambling commission.

Yes, they start using very light balls. Distribution of ball jumps is much wider, often not playable.

Typical rigged one like some of the videos on YouTube.

It’s shocking , hard to believe really , but I have heard it happens :frowning:

First question, if that is airball wheel or that is normal :slight_smile: ?
If you done videos simply show it to other players, what looks to you strange.
Was some case when I asked one to predict my wheel and he said that such wheel is with magnets :slight_smile:

Here is the reason why. Weight of the ball is 1g.

See for yourself. Ball is jumping like crazy!

This one is normal, a bit bouncy. You can access it from hippodrome’s app or website. I have watched this wheel in person, pretty normal.
The wired one is AZ 04, its not linked to Internet.

So you acept that this wheel is pretty normal ?
I played in Hippodrome many times and without problems, know who play till now and win…

I don’t think its a very light weight ball but ‘RC’ , remote controlled ball. It vibrates a lot when it’s in the pocket from left to right.

If it is moving how the wheel is turning from one to another side it is a good sign of tilted wheel.
If it is vibrating, that is strange.

I have been playing in hippodrome since 2013, first time I’ve been experienced that.