I am new here and one question

Hi everyone, I am new here but definitely not new to roulette. I am so glad to see that I am not alone and there are so many people out there who are interested in discovering the “roulette secret”.

I always thinks that there must be somekind of formula out there that can predict the result of the ball falling, increases the chance of success.

My friends all laughed at me on this but I am undeterred. I even came acrossed news reported there is an australia mathematician and a HongKong technician has used somekind of devices to increase their odd dramatically.

Ah, what I suspected is real! So I search the net for more, eventhough I was thinking if anyone would want to share this secret.

Then I came across this website with which the video in it is astonishing,

for it can predict pockets so accurately, with ocassional misses. I was almost wanting to draw my wallet but then I realised the author has disable the comment in the video (youtube), I suspected something fishy about it and I moved on.

Then I came across this website. I must thanks forester for bring out so many things (the newbie guide)that I may take years to learn and realise. But for now one question came to my mind as I kept reading this tilted wheel.

  1. What is a tilted wheel? Does it refers to the table that the wheel is on is not horizontal? Or the design of the wheel? Or the rotor?