Howes Mouth Computer?

Just had a look at Howes Mouth Computer and his New Radical Flexi, what do you think?

The video is excellent quality, the predictions are good and there is bounce on the ball.

Its works pretty much the same as yours Forester I think?

Cheap too. I bet Steven Hourmouzis is seething with Jealousy after seeing that, he still has his poxy phone and can not understand how you, Jafco or Howe is doing it because hourmouzis is stupid.

Another good video went up on youtube showing howe beating the casinos, but he’s taken it back down down, damm, He were winning some serious money with it.

And he gives you a positive report at his site and Jafco :smiley:
This is the best Forum, everyone is honest here. ;D

What I would never understand :

There claims someone every idiot could make several k$ per evening and sells this
diamond for 500 quids ?

[b]magine making a living or several thousand dollars per evening and the casinos cannot see how you are doing it!

RADICAL FLEXI Roulette Computer 50% Deposit £500 The remaining 50% to be paid once you are satisfied it works.[/b]


I looked just at the video : he claims,

These are the results and its important to note that the ball in the video scatters wide like in a typical ball does in a REAL CASINO

In most of the spinns the ball doesn’t scatter wide , a liar ? No rotorrunners at all.

I can make with acrobat much better video :slight_smile: . And he made few mistakes in his video which can see more professional persons :slight_smile:

It looks as same video as he published 18 months ago. You can see it here.
Radical Roulette Computer

And this one

Not sure what he is doing i hear beeps everywhere.
It looks as badly done VB2 for RC.

Elhombre says above
What I would never understand :

There claims someone every idiot could make several k$ per evening and sells this
diamond for 500 quids ?
Are you speaking about Forester, Forester he says you are an idiot, you should ban him. :-*
About beeps all over the place, this is not important, it is important that he indicates where ball is going, either writes it down or points at prediction, this is real indicator prediction is made. You said too Forester you though it was good video before that you show above.

You have the wrong video
and you can clearly see it working and the scatter I recorded on paper and its nearly the same as the scatter in the casinos wheels.
so I think you are mistaken

If its badly done, the other videos show him beating your wheel better than your device Forester and beating Jafcos. You can see small light making predictions more accurate than your device Forester.
I think its very good and impressive. Looks like you have serious competition now.
He also now takes only 10% deposit for device £100 and you pay him only rest £900 after 6 months,why do you not do this Forester?
This is clever selling and marketing. People try device for very low price only 10% of cost because seller knows they will like it and it works
He also gives 3 spare ROULETTE COMPUTERS when you pay rest of money, this makes it GENUINE


Marty… Are you mark Howe? Sure looks like it. :stuck_out_tongue:


You have seen him naked ? :o As teenager he couldn’t wear short trousers.

honestly I am a bit ashamed of his atavar.


What a load of nonsense.

Did he say, at the beginning of the video, how many numbers he would cover? NO.

You can’t win money at roulette by analysing the bounce patterns after your predictions, you have to do it when you are playing.


Yes I Am MH ;D
Got this off another forum written by Mark Howe and check the videos.
And I have always maintained that the scatter on most Huxleys wheels naturally falls around -2 to +12! Thats a 15 pocket spread!
and in the videos, I show videos from a few years ago beating a level wheel with a completely different product, again the spread is -2 to +12!
The New RaDICAL Flexi shows the same results and any accurate roulette computer should show this type of scatter. I take Half rotor any where on the wheel and one ball timing, it can work with rotors from 3 to 8 second revs, it can predict 20 spins in front, it can be as small as a pen, a tooth filling, in a watch, even a ring … :-*
If you check the VB section, its obvious that you can test how VB does not work that good.

We can all make cheap shots, but slow the videos down at my site, watch where the ball strikes the rotor! Its accurate!
Anyone like me actually done 500 spins in one go?, Its amazing to see how the peak builds up just past the strike point at around +7 to 10! it means you could place just one chip at random within this area and you would have a constant edge over a full nights play!
I have to still laugh at the VB players that think that they have to cover a wider area, not all of them of course, some can do then Maths!
I prefer playing 2-5 bets at a time in the target sector, varying my playing style.
What I have done is a video of all the competitors videos and me jumping from one video to another with the same device in my hand and beating all of you, not bad for a device that costs just 10% deposit at £100! PAYPAL AND EBAY
Quality is not good on some of the videos though. .
If you check Gamblersglen going 10 years back Mark Howe has always insisted that Most Huxleys Wheels scatter falls between -2 and +12. This means you have an edge even if you played randomly within this area. Any High School kid could see this.
I think that there is only BAGO with intelligence on here, he writes on his zyweb page
and I quote
“So, how can you know a computer predicts
accurately or not? This is pretty simple,
and it is not done by comparing the
prediction with the final outcome. Why?
Because to predict the final outcome
accurately, the computer must know the
average ball bounce”
So VisualPlayer read what Bago has put because its the most important CHECK you can do on any roulette prediction device.
So HOWE has always maintained the average ball bounce to fall between -2 and +12 and every one one his devices have substatiated this claim. It would be a bit hard to make the ball scatter the most frequently in this sector. This is reliable and solid information backed up with many videos that are still on youtube. [ftp=][/ftp] shows accurate videos with ball scatter I get in the casinos

Marty, would you like to elaborate on your scatter analysis as you do not seem to mention changes with time, as if all wheels from one brand are generic from one decade to the next and all act the same!? Wheels on youtube are not indicative of what you will find in many modern casinos by any means, neither are the results obtained with most prediction methods seen there. If anyone wants to compare scatter, I would suggest learning the basics then going to a real casino with a new huxley and decide for yourself, this does not even cost a £100 deposit! How recommending youtube to confirm anything is a silly notion at best, just like the many zero point energy videos posted, it still does not make it a reality in real life.

You seem bias to mark howe, wether you are him or not you seem to be leading people to think roulette is easy as long as it is with an rc and not vb, even better if it is with another brand other then foresters, i.e mark howes computer! For your info I have, Foresters computer and yes I am bias and I am confident in that yours will not be better. An rc can either predict acurately or it cannot and I can confirm foresters can so how can yours be better? Does it make it easy to win at roulette? Answer is not at all! But most of the people here respect and trust forester, if you want to peddle someone elses or likely your own crap, you are better off going elsewhere.

People here are not that stupid and do not buy a fork if they require a spade.

Have you met Toxic?


Well as a customer of Howe’s, then yes I must be biased! He does not massage his own ego with a forum. At Howe’s site he is beating a level wheel with his Psion, yet forester claims it does not work and possibly a few others. The saying “a poor man blames his tools”.
The video and my own findings backs Howe’s claims. It works very differently to foresters devices. The reason that the same number appears in the 4 diamond test for example is simply because you have not sent the Psion computer up correctly which I find amusing. Which device of Foresters beats a level wheel? None I presume. If you were to Ask Barnett who Maxim is and what device did he use, he would tell you Howe’s Psion device. He even gave a helping hand to develop it .To claim it does not work on this site is for commercial gain towards Forester and nothing else. He saw endless people who posted on GamblersGlen that his device worked and they purchased it, how many sellers genuinely see people in person? I saw at least 20 genuine positive reviews of his device at GamblersGlen.

Back to scatter for Devilish. Yes you are correct to a point, do all wheels fall between -2 and +12, no, but most Huxley’s wheels do. You see Devilish, its a simple analysis to prove the effectiveness of any device. for example, lets record the strike point and where the ball finishes up in his videos right now at his site. Will find that the distribution on two very different wheels falls between -2 and +12, check it yourself. Howe also had an old Huxleys Wheel from Monte Carlo, guess what Devilish, again -2 to +12, I have his old disks he supplied with the original computer I purchased and I have done much studying.This wheel has 14 diamonds, deep brass pockets and a V profile where the ball rotates and decelerates quickly. You see Devilsh, that Howe is actually accurate and so am I , I have played for over 20 years myself. The Evidence is there. I remember recording my own results when I first got the Psion, again -2 to +12. Howe showed me even how the device corrects for various rotor speeds. But what he told me that day was something that had eluded me for years and why others cannot predict Level wheels. As you know, Howe is the only one that can do this and provides evidence. I have 100’s of recordings on graph paper from different casinos, different balls, various wheels, majority Huxleys. The results are nearly always around this area.The only wheels that produced different results were One Pocket RING cut by computers, then the scatter is shifted and widened. As for the JAFCO wheel video, that guy is verging on Trickery the same as Stefano. For a site that has members claiming to be top experts, I would disagree, I have done the time and have the results. What will puzzle you all here, is, how come a tilted wheel and a level wheel scatter is very similar for over a 100 spins? Howe and Maxim used something else. Weird how that Funny Old Psion that people are here claim does not work, kicks ace on a level wheel and tilted wheels? If you do not understand how to use the Psion Forester then you should ask Howe to help you, but claiming it does not work undermines your integrity and reveals your motives.

The best news is that roulette computers - I can’t tell you that news yet, as devastating as it is to you all.

When I see a man like Howe create such brilliant roulette computers to be knocked by people with little understanding of the game, it annoys me, jealousy springs to mind. He makes his own hearing aids, created the first single switch system and was the first to beat LEVEL wheels over 25 years ago. For me its a simple logical deduction, someone that allows 10% deposit until the customer is ultimately happy is genuine. Howe offers that piece of mind

I am fortunate that I live very near Howe in Derbyshire on the outskirts of Sheffield, when he’s in the UK of course and he has spent endless free hours demonstrating How to beat roulette, also dealer signature and visual ballistics.

Oh and Devilish, Youtube was meant to point you to the Many videos that Howe has done with at least 6 different wheels and ball combinations and I agree with you in going to the casinos to find out yourself, on most Huxleys, the ball will tend to favour -2 to +12 without purchasing anything.

One last question to you Devilish;
Can Forester Beat Level Wheels as well as Tilted? No
Food for thought on who is the experts, seems to be a matter of Egos and not proof
I am not Peddling anything, I am saying that for a Man Like HOWE that has done so much for Roulette Computer technology, he should be respected especially when I have his device and know it works like you do with Foresters. Like yourself Devilish, I purchased someone’s device and found it to be accurate and a powerful tool. I also have Foresters which world differently and predicts late. I know it works, but in the casinos in the UK, foresters device is not much good, No more Bets is called and in Germany impossible to use.
I also spoke to one of Foresters Customers in Portugal who also favours Howes device. Its down to personal taste and preferences. All I am saying that their is much evidence.
As for the terminology Generic, Yes, they are, most wheels are around 80 cm in diameter, most have 8 Boats, most of them have a pocket that is a certain depth and width in relation to the distance from the circumference. most use balls that fall between 19mm and 22mm. Most produce scatter like in Howes videos from -2 to +12 of the strike point. What is strange is that generically the scatter is very similar. Its a fact Devilish its staring us all in the face. I have my own wheel ( Huxleys) and around 35 different roulette balls, and do you know what the scatter is on my wheel strangely enough? -2 to +12! This area contains the largest number of hits in a 15 pocket sector on my wheel. And please don’t reply with" so every time it falls between these values", no it does not, sometimes its 0 to +15 or +3 to +11, its dependent on how many spins I play in an evening. When I add all my results up over many many spins and average then out it is -2 to +12.


Mark, I do not mind you promote your RC here.
I only would like to get question answered

“Not sure what he is doing I hear beeps everywhere”

Why it beeps all the time on different numbers?

How can you clock only one ball rotation and claim to have extreme accuracy especially on a leveled wheel and with early prediction? You have difference of 10 ms in between rotations and clocking mistake can be 30ms. It means you can be 3 rotations wrong , it is more than 150 pockets error on a leveled wheel or ~20 on tilted.

So you clock rotor , then you clock single ball rotation with which you can’t define exact ball remaining traveling time , then the system beeps, and beeps and beeps. And you claim it is all it takes.

For someone not claiming to be him and now someone claiming to be an expert with 20 years experiance and bias towards him as you have his computer, well. Remember you started the post simply asking for opinions? You really do write alot without actually saying much!

I never said wether any other computer worked or not, I would not claim to know and here is the kicker, I do not need to as I have one that already does the job so why buy another? You are the one claiming, Foresters does not work? All wheels are not generic in the sense of design and thus interaction with the ball, to suggest this, it is like hoping who reads does not know the difference, similar principle to a snake oil salesman.

On scatter, I have taken over 1600 spins from a brand new huxley mk 7 with the saturn so not the cheapest. To say it is a 15 pocket area is a little too simple which could lead to alot of frustration if trying to play with real money, also the scatter looks nothing like it does in howes video and neither will you often find a dominant pin as strong as you seem to have in the video I see you posted, though I will admit I could not stomach to watch too much as it seemed like any other scam video. You have a previous post saying youtube videos back up the claim so a little late to back track on this. I have no vested interest and merely suggest folk go take a look for themselves, if that riles you so be it, I believe most people will see the difference regards a new huxley and some older wheels still in play or in most videos. If they take the time of course before buying anything from anyone!

Your defensive stance merely makes me chuckle, no one has claimed to be an expert except you and in your praise for your alter ego. To be honest your retorts are lame at best and I like that you seem to take offense as to me you can also go suck eggs. If your computer was so good it would sell itself and you would spend more time in the casino, thats if your computer did not in fact destroy the game, what with it making it so easy to take money from the wheel, all for £100 deposit and how many more free computers, lol. Shame you did not offer more so I could use one in my right hand, left foot, right foot and then one with my left and also right testicle, but you are not giving enough away for this. It simply smells of desperation to out do the other guy, Marty!!??

Before I brought a roulette computer I looked into them quite abit, that included jafco, howe, stefano. Two main protagonists in stefano and howe claimed the same win money easy crap which you are peddling now, only forester and to an extent, jafco did not, which is the reason I sent a message to forester. He replied saying not everyone will win with a computer and it is nothing more than a nice tool for those who can use it properly. Since then he has proven to be more than honourable in my dealings with him, you have a long way to go wether your computer works or not, claiming to be able to beat a wheel easily is simply wrong, misleading and dishonourable so yes I interject.

My suggestion professor, is go ease your backside back down on the turret and spin yourself till those orders roll in!

Also on ebay…


All the complexities have been taken away and hidden in the software making our devices the most practical and simplest to use on the market. Fits in palm of hand and out of sight of casino staff.

Is he insane? His computer fits in palm, the FFV fits under thumb.

You Do not need to understand English (video showing how to use it)

Point of that?

No Hearing Aids No Induction loops to wear or amplified loops No PDA No Mobile Phone ( worse device you could take in a casino as they are banned) No Millions of Features to set up that makes a Roulette computer un-practical. No silly graphs to build up

So why he was selling all that before?


How can be the only one if FFZ/V was always like that?

On the picture the clocking switch is disgusting.

But good price, hope it does something.

Devilish, Howe’s computers can be placed in Watches, pens and a mouth computer, you seriously do not know what you are talking about. There is a video showing his mouth computer working. It can also fit in a tooth. I can assure you it is much smaller than Foresters device because the circuitry is made by Howe’s own company. Circuitry is only 5mm by 5mm by 1.2mm contains Die, capacitors, Resistors, transistors. Cost of an individual to develop such micro devices costs a small fortune. I have seen this personally. But who really cares, its only a factual remark, its does not imply any thing against foresters devices which are also small.
Devilish :I am not stating Foresters Device does not work, I know it does, I state that below. Howe also states this at his review site.
All I am saying is that it predicts too late for the UK or Germany because of how it works. you seem to be trying to start some argument and I am not interested in. You have one sided views if you are not going to look at the Evidence then stop replying with contorts. If you have a problem being civil towards me because of some hatred towards Marks or his products, then amplify your personal anger once and for all without resorting to inciting a flame.
If you recall the graphs at the VB section at Howes site, it shows why some of the theories using VB techniques cannot work that well. It is governed by ROTOR speed and the ROTOR speed must be consistent or known for it to be applied for a computer based system or VB technique. Or be consistently SLOW. I have studied this in great depth.
You cannot say rotor speeds between 3.5 and 4.5 will show the same results for Foresters Early computers with say 6 revs to go before the ball lands. This would not work. A 5 second per revolution or greater makes it simple, no computer or technical VB skills needed as shown at HOWES site in the VB section.
Huxley Mark 7 with Saturn hmm, yes Devilish I know for a fact that most casinos do NOT use these wheels. So a new wheel comes out not showing these characteristics, what has that got to do with what I wrote which is to do with the History of my experiences and Play and with Proof of the Generic sector of -2 to +12 on Huxley’s wheels over the last 20 years. Even then, you can just adjust to play these wheels accordingly. So my Question to you Devilish, what area of 15 adjacent pockets has the greatest number of hits on the Saturn wheel? I know the answer, so should you :wink:

Foresters device depends on tilted wheels also, Howes computers can beat LEVEL WHEELS. Most Wheels have a varying degree of tilt so Level wheel play would be rare. But Howe can still do this and is the only person that has ever demonstrated this publicly many times and has videos to substantiate this.
The security has changed for taking in LOOPS and hearing aids in certain countries, hence why Howe changed to different hardware . Although Forester you say that switch in disgusting. Its rubberised and prevents damage from over exertion when pressing, so its perfect. These are used in keyboards and require no physical stop plates to protect them. They are still tactile. you should try them.
The Level Wheel video speaks for itself showing the computer working successfully, and its take more than one ball timing in that video:-)
Its also a fact the the Grosvenor Casino has taken the Radical Flexi as a serious threat and is trying to train their staff to stop people using it. ;D
I think Devilish is just bent on trying to discredit Howe for personal reasons and his judgement is clouded by more than likely Jealousy.
You seem to forget that Howe is a micro electronics expert, he beat multinational Companies in producing the worlds smallest hearing aid for many years, but now the Chinese copy that exact same design. It is still Howe’s design.

I use to work in the electronics industry myself and tried developing a roulette computer myself, but my mathematics and lack of understanding of Physics let me down.

Yawn. You write to much. Show a video of a mk 7 that is levelled and get back to me.

Yes Devilish I agree , you should show a video of YOUR Saturn Mk 7 Wheel set level and tilted with a 100 spins for each condition, it would help all members at this site. I do not own such a wheel, you claim you do.

I guess you already have the footage if you are a serious member of this site, so post a few links, let’s see the scatter distribution.
That’s a a brilliant Idea. :D. INPUT = OUTPUT conservation of Energy