How would an Advatage Player play these wheels\scenario?

Hello again everyone,

I would like to know how you Adavantage Players would approach the following:

-Paulson wheels ( 3 of them )
-Ball is 20mm (white teflon…guessing)
-All croupier’s spin clockwise ONLY ( have yet to see a ACW spin )
-Wheel 1 : have not been able to visually identify dominant diamond but haven’t played this wheel as much as the other two.
-Wheel 2 : primary DD @ 12, secondary @ 3 (appears to be newer condition than Wheel 3, glossy appearance and number slots remain glossy)
-Wheel 3 : primary DD @ 12, secondary @ 3
-NMB’s typically called around 6 revolutions remaining
-All 3 wheels have rotor speed generally in the 3.5 to 4.0 range (based on tracking in my head with a 1…2…3…4 count)

While i have not been all that successful attempting to apply VB method for target number(because i dont think i have the VB2 method understood yet), I did begin to notice when tracking the difference in number of pockets from last winning number to winning number, what appeared to be a trend of postive then negative then positive then negative

For example:

Winning Number Difference
32 +10
2 -9
15 +14
23 -17
35 +1
21 -4

Now, this wasn’t 100% but more often than not the trend seemed to appear. Is it because i am looking for the trend…maybe…but i did play the trend when i was failure to identify target number by using + or - estimate with neighbors.

I have tried to read through all posting that outline VB2 and watched all the videos i could find.

Can an AP tell me how you would apply VB2 to this scenario to generate an advantage.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice,

Forgot to mention…this is American wheel…thanks

The answer is very simple, on two tilted wheels you can try to apply visual prediction.

If you have any particular question about VB2 you should ask it in in VB2 section.

Thank you Forester