How to win online roulette

if you wanna win online roulette,. we can teach you everyhing from scratch. contct me,. my skype name poupy123

Most successful roulette gamers use the classic even money roulette bets as a base of success; Below I will explain a few critical points to consider if you play roulette (basic information on how to win). :slight_smile:

guys, do you use special strategies or math formulas while playing roulette? I heard about a few, but I really don’t know. I supposed that roulette is a game of chance and luck…

I think it can be possible to win at roulette, however it will require sophisticated strategies in most cases. Easy ones can help you to succeed, but , probably, in a short term.

You need to study solid Strategies, money management and go for not too greedy win limits each day. And never try to win back losses, always a Big fail but soo common!

win limits each day

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win limits each day

Is that a non-physics related topic ? >:([/quote]

It’s just about setting up a daily limit where you take your money and walk away. Then regain a fresh mind for the next day.

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There is no way to win at roulette with a “system”

The only chance you have is with a clocking device like the FF*

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but there is this software that will help you win for a long run. It is called roulette crusher and it works on Live European Roulette. You should try it if you like, they offer a money back guarantee if you lose within 14 days of using it.


You can not beat the game using systems.

Anything that cannot be done, can be done, we just haven’t figured out how to do it yet

Roulette can be beat with the right system
You just have to find it

Yip. I also believe one could piss cologne and shit gold coins… just becuase no one has done it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. :slight_smile:

Uhm, there are a lot of people who have done it. Roulette bots can do it, well not if you’re against a RNG, but the problem is, people are very impatient. You just have to do what the software tells you. It will guarantee you money in the end. I have about $4900 in a span of 4months thanks to my Roulette Crusher, and it is working because I am patient. If it tell me bet 10 units, I will not bet 100 units but I will do 10. That’s how systems should work.