How to use VB to predict at towards the end of the spin


What is the best method to predict in the last 6 spins?

I find that when ball is slower you can get good predictions. But It is hard to know at which rotation to use for prediction?

Hi. Maybe you must read the evolotion of advantage play. Written by Forester

VB2 :ok_hand:

I like VB2 but I don’t understand fully. How do you know the correct time to use for the ball? And what about rotor speed?


Since he VB2 predicts in “any” ball rotation adjust the time to the value where it does.
In usual it is mostly 1.6 - 2s (older wheels with higher ball acc it may be less). Adjust time apply it read the number instantly apply again and read the number; It should be ~same.

Rotor Apply same time and check how much rotor moves if next spin it moves three pockets more add 3x (remaining time/reference time).

Move the start of reference time to a position where it matches the final results. In other words, when you do it all, and the ball mostly stops 9 pockets more, do the same but start the time at 9 pockets forward position.

You should have access to VB2 section there is a video with explanation.