How to remember ofset?

Suppose is such situation : I begin to play and my ofset is +7,+12,-3,+14,+6,-7,+11…at this moment I not exactly remember which ofset is beter to play +6+7 or +12+13, I cant write anything on paper or to phone to avoid attention from pit bosses. What are you doing in such cases when you must during play find ofset. What metods for remembering ?

I do it this way, arrows rotor direction, red line prediction, blue where the ball stops.


This was from some real predictions


What about introducing this feature:

After the ball has landed in a pocket, click when the ball (on the rotor) passes the clocking diamond! As if one was clocking the rotor, but now it is the ball instead of the zero. And there is no stress in this situation.

To make it very clear, one could maybe clock both the zero and the winning number by click-release and click-hold or something like that. Because it is the landed balls position relative to the zero which is important to the offset (not its revolution time).

When the computer knows which pocket won, it could itself manage offset.

It may look attractive but it has no reality with real time play.
How would computer know how did ball come to particular number. It would build statistic graph which in reality is useless and always one step behind, but not the one needed for the game.
Graph built just on prediction final ball stop would need at least 100 spins; until we get them things may change.
Let’s say even we correct data or do not enter strange bouncing ball results.
How do we access the data? How do we check it? Maybe leaving table going in toilet and looking it on some kind of display. Definitely it is not my choice. Probably until I return back to the table my spot will be taken, until I get it back data may change… etc.

To let software pick something from data which consists 60% of random results added on something that floats and on top in average it may change is no good idea. Adding results in to computer is another problem. We do not have keyboard, we have to do it by single switch to enter 29 we need to press the switch 2 then 9 times. It only adds frustration to already frustrated game.
Doing it at home to get average hits on for example 100 spins may be ok.

Clocking zero and point where the ball is located, is not less complicated and it is less accurate. At the moment when you need to do it, is time to count winnings not to worry about pressing switch.

Yes, it’s true. You consider the balls first impact on the rotor, not the eventually winning pocket. That is a very intelligent concept of yours! That is a great cut-off point for predictability, right between diamond and winning pocket.

But that doesn’t change this idea. One could still “tell” the computer where THAT impact point is located, by clicking when that point passes the clocking diamond. Not when the pocket where the ball eventually landed passes, but the point for which offset should be adjusted.

The alternative is of course to remember it and calculate it in the head. But if clients now have a problem with that (and like me don’t understand how to use your spider graph as a memory tool), then consider a way of putting that data into the computer.

One way would be to type it in on a keyboard. But that is obviously impossibly impractical.

But hey, we have a wheel of numbers turning in front of our eyes, and a button connected to a computer in our hand! Let’s try to use that to facilitate our memory!

Forester, You paint that lines on paper in real casino ? Dont worry about attention what are you doing ? I am afraid to paint or write somthing in casino.

here they even give you pen and cards for writing