How to memorize the wheel

Hi members,
My next step to be successful in VB is to memorize
the wheel and the distances of the numbers.

Any advice appreciated.


Hello Capt`n.

I think people tends to overcomplicate the memorizing. If you play a 3 number sector you can settle with just reading the main number and the 2 neighbours as they pass by your reading point. If there are a race track, you just read the number and place the chips to the dealer. If you are planning on playing 5 number sectors and upwards towards 7 and 9, you have to start memorizing and hoping for a very late bet allowance.

What i find more complicated is the actual placing of the chips because there are usually both very high and very low numbers which means you will be stretching out towards the bottom end of the table if you are located near the wheel.

But what the heck, a good stretch never killed anyone. :slight_smile:

First you have to know that you learn the wheel in a static way - after time pass by and as you gain experience all number and distance will become second nature.

First you learn the wheel using sectors of three - memorize one or two sectors each day.
Zero has to come with first sector.

  1. 26 0 32 15
  2. 19 4 21
  3. 2 25 17
  4. 34 6 27
  5. 13 36 11
  6. 30 8 23
  7. 10 5 24
  8. 16 33 1
  9. 20 14 31
  10. 9 22 18
  11. 29 7 28
    11 12 35 3

After you learn the wheel forward and backwards you can start to memorize the index number for each sector as index numbers as then you will get bi-modal 180 degree - triangular and even four angel.

Opposite sectors.


Triangular/four and so on … you just move two sectors forward or backwards.


After a while you can pick and neighbors and any spreed of number using any distance/yardage with the index number in less or around one second.
You will also learn how to reduce or add +/-0 one pocket and be 100% acc …

Many thanks to lucky and Kelly. :-*


EH how is it going - if you practice and master the basic skill then you should move to next level.
Now you only observe all black numbers and know witch sector it belong to - can be a good skill if you use traditional visual ballistics or VB2.

lucky — thanks for your coaching, :-*

I am coming forward.

the best E.H.

To remember the black number is a good idea, It’s much easier
for me than the red ones.

Curiously I have them all in my head like a picture of the clock.

That was the point for me.

I think the idea posted on Paroli, by remembering the numbers as phone numbers was quite good. Starting out with 7 -8 fixed areas/phone numbers, like 3 - 26 - 0 - 32 - 15. Later one could move on to 37 phone numbers. Personally i would set up the number string like 0 - 3 - 15 - 26 - 32 in the memory so the numbers would spring out as they were placed on the table. If one was to place 4 chips like 3 - 26 - 0 - 32 , you would be jumping left and right at the table, knocking down elderly women in the attempt of getting your chips down.

There is something to think of,

If you look at the wheel with Zero on top,
on the right side are all the black numbers lower than 20

and on the left side 20 and higher, easy to remember.


I vote for my Nobelprice. :stuck_out_tongue: