How to identify the same wheel?

How to identify the same wheel?

Can we use any patterns with light reflections standing next to the wheel to recognize if the wheel has been moved?
I understand what we can look at deflectors positions to determine if the wheel has been rotated or moved.
But I don’t care if they rotated the wheel and the dominant drop zone change into something else.
I want to know if they moved the wheel to another table.

I will not make a scratch mark on the wheel.

Where on the wheel is there most likely to find a scratch or mark?
That would really make life easier.


That is hard, I tried to make a photo, then increase it and find something. But really in casinos quite rare moves wheels. One time I got real information by moving - and that done ABCDE. But big benefit from that I not had.
Much more important is not detecting if the wheel is the same, but fast detect weak side of the wheel.

And what if they do not move the wheel but replace the rotor or number ring?

My worst run ever was when they started moving the number ring every week on every wheel but that didn’t last long because they cut staff numbers and now rarely move anything at my local Casino.

Some casinos move wheels once per month. Some move them just once a year, if at all.

Use scratch marks on the wood and frets, and light reflection movements for fast identifications.