How to hide winnings?

Guys,anyone who has expirience in hiding winnings ,or money in general, give me some ideas please.
Situation… Im thinking to clame benefits and reduce vorking hours,but any capital more then 10000 can prejudice me. Ideas how to deal with this situation are highly apreciated.

Sergiy, the system is there to help those in need. Really dude, this is a roulette forum!

I don’t understand this with hiding winnings - if you live and win in Europa you don’t have to pay tax …
If you win outside Europa you have to get money into your country and avoid tax …


I already found a solution. Thanks for unswerving

[quote=“devilish, post:2, topic:1011”]Sergiy, the system is there to help those in need. Really dude, this is a roulette forum![/quote]Really, , Devilish, lm the one in need! You are in your country, but me l have only myself here. Probably you are living at your house… makng assumption. . I still have to buy one, and that thing of bank… not sounds promissing to me. I have no idea, why consils here helping to the people who does nothing at their life, but for some, who is going out of their way to make some extra pound for their familie…and lucky -no help at all, jus becose they have some money at the bank!

You are talking of hiding roulette winnings of over 10k to work less and commit fraud against the UK taxpayer. I presume you intend to grow your winnings beyond this and claim you are in need? What assumption am I making, Sergiy?

Dont be jealous, someday you winn as well, l hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we would all be winners in the uk if there were not so many people sponging money from the system like you are!!!

Hey man, I too is need of cash, but for now I am thinking of getting it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s easy to hide the winning, there are plenty of people out there who will help you to make them all nice and clean! :wink:

Sergiy, this is not about winning. It is about people wanting something for nothing at the cost of others, no one owes you anything, not a house, not benefits not nothing! No matter how bad you paint your picture, there are thousands more ten times worse of without 10k to try and hide. I assume you are not hungry, cold and are currently employed, look around and stop being so ungreatful. Why did you come to the UK, are you in a better situation then back home? It is bad enough having parasitic polititions, having an amoral strain in society especially when in part welcomed through open borders we as brits never voted for is wrong, it is causing a housing shortage and lack of school places for our young children, not to mention unstable job prospects when they are older (this is effecting my own young family members right now), so is something I do not abide.

Respect costs nothing, but it has to be earned!