How to get more profit now?


I am currently still playing $3.25 tourns (45 people) and 6 tables simultaneous
I am keeping a ROI better than 25% for a while, and $500 bankroll

how do you think I should try to make more money (not %, but $)? moving to 45 people $6.50? or playing more tables? or $2.20 (180 people)?

Take a look at this it really worked for me:
Is called The roulette killer and it will tell you what you should do ;D

aaaahhhh man… :o

I don’t know what to say anymore. Well let’s try. Once an Idiot, always an Idiot… Sorry but their are none here. Except maybe for Ken. ;D Sorry Ken.

Buff soldier… wrong website mate. Try VLS and rouletteforum. They are loosers. They are system orientated.

Ken loved to play sleepers. Only an idiot would try to find numbers that dont comes too often and bet on them, everybody else goes for numbers that comes up more often than others. The entire essence of playing roulette is playing numbers that hits. But Mr Cough himself has been winning constantly for 3.5 years playing numbers that shows up less. No wonder his cough is getting worse, with no proper close to wear in the winter.