How to generate roulette numbers in Excel or Google Docs

heyyyy, first post on here, so be kind :slight_smile:

got a bit bored this morning, so i thought i’d knock up something in excel (also works in google docs), that allows you to generate random roulette numbers (it’s obviously not mechanical and just uses Excel’s software rng).

I use some similar things to test and disprove stupid staking plans. Anyways, i hope it might be useful to you guys.

The above link will show you how to set it up yourself.

I’ll do another post later that’ll show you how how to test staking plans with it.

Hope it’s useful to someone

You are in the wrong forum - test betselection cc
There you will find does who play and think like you do


thanks, sorry to have posted in the wrong place

Ok Christiano - your blog with explanattions how to count many things in excel can be very usefull for many players.
Lucky strike maybe not use excel at all if he found that not interesting.

thanks, i’m glad you find it useful.

i’m hoping to do some posts on statistics around advantage play at some point. randomness or bias. some of the physics around VB etc, and how dealer signature doesn’t just exist in roulette but happens in coin tossing etc. however i thought it might be useful to cover some of the foundations in statistics / excel first. just thought someone might find it useful to be able to use excel in their own advantage play or systems

Nice post cristiano. I think lucky has confused you with a system player, easy mistake to make from your first post ;).

thanks, yeah, i can see how you can get that idea. sorry, my fault.

system playing doesn’t work, the math just doesn’t fly. but yeah, my first set of blog posts are all about showing that system playing can’t work and you need to have some sort of advantage play.