How to estimate bounce visually without taking much data

After reading the book by Caleb Johnson, i got an inspiration and we can visually estimate the bounce or pockets jump by mapping out the level of tilt of the wheel using diamond information. They method is as follow. We dont need loads of data before actually playing

  1. Map the level of tilt of the wheel by counting 20 rounds each direction and get some data of drop to final bumber
  2. This is the secret and simply explaining, ball tends to move to a lower part of the wheel. This mean that the ball will hit the higher part of the wheel which is the diamond and bounce opposite which is the lower part of the wheel if the wheel is very tilt.
  3. Rotor speed also affect the bounce and we can logically think that a faster rotor speed means more bounce.

If you obeserve spins of a tilted wheel, the ball will probably hit the dominant diamond and rest towards the opposite diamond direction. Given a slow to mediun rotor speed. I would say a low profile wheel bounce between 13 to 23 pockets which 18 is in the middle and this match my theory

Maybe I understood something wrong but overall most of what you wrote is not true…
I am not ready for deep discussion, but I can say that such will happened as you described - the wheel must be extremely slow and the tilt must be super huge…And if you find such a wheel - still - without data - nothing is possible to do…because in such case will be many jumps in front and many jump backward…
Till now all the ideas that you wrote are nothing new …
But let’s continue to generate them, maybe one day you will generate something good :slight_smile: