How to call the bets?


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#22 avoid crowded tables... have to come a bit earlier...

I think this is the best you can do to be possible to work with FF or VB


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what about the next:

if we bet just 1 number from all wheel, then we have a chance to win 1/37 or just 2.70%, the next
if we bet on 2 numbers from all the wheel, then we have a chance to win 2/37 or 5.41%, okay
here is evrth. clear, but the question is: in the second case when we bet 2 numbers is there some importance how we situate them on the wheel to influence of the chance to win - to be increased or to be less, I mean if the two numbers we bet are together - near each other(example 0,32…) or they’re on some distance on the wheel(example 0,34 - 90degree…) or just one in front of another(example 0,5…)? by this way does the chance of 5.41% increase when we bet the numbers near one by one and how, or nothing is change at all? and what about if we bet on 5 numbers(neighbours or by some layout on the wheel)… and 9, … and 18… and what about of we let only free just 2 numbers on the wheel and bet on all the rest of 35 numbers, maybe there is less chance to win if they are neighbours numbers(the free 2 numbers we do not bet) each other on the wheel but how this is showed by numbers and why, or maybe not?

or let’s say the FF recommend us to bet on 0 and we would like to bet on 3 neighbours numbers to have more chance to win(3 on 37 will be like 8.11% more or less), is there any difference if we bet for example 26,0,32 or 0,32,15 or 3,26,0 or 3,0,15 or 0,15,4 or 12,3,0… and how it could be measured with numbers and know the exact value of the risk we take on this spin also taking in mind the CW or ACW direction is moving the ball?

expect it is an interesting topic to think on - it is just how to organize the bets and why it is like this

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The way you described your advantage expexpectation is -2, 73 or less.



The question was that is the way that the bets are placed - the same amount but only different positions, affects to the advantage and the way it is or not, expect I could explain what I would like to tell good or maybe it’s so messy


To get right answers requre right questions. Advantage is not situated in positions/pokets of the wheel,but in distances between your prediction[what ever method you use] and the outcome[in selected conditions]. When you clearly see advantage, you know where it is located, how many numbers to bet, where to place your bets, if multiple zones of betting is good or not, wich variance you should espect, and …
If you dont see advantage clearly, but use ff, chances are you gonna play random game or worst…
The answer for your question is…'place bets where the higher advantage possible can be achived…and look for the right conditions.


in the first part I do not mean with using FF and the advantage zone of the scatter and etc…, it is just to calculate the random chance of one wheel when play some amount of numbers,

the thing is that: is there more chance to win if we bet just on two numbers for example but the first time they are near each other and the next time they’re on some distance one by one? is there difference in the chance to win or is it the same :slight_smile:


The chance to your number to hit is directly dependent of the advantage you have :P… if advantage is situated on group of adjasent numbers, you are better to play entire group, cos its stressful situation to see ball miss one poket or two. Even on the sector of higher probability, you can espect high variance, if you dont bet entire sector. If you see 2 sectors, betting on both will encrease your advantage (it gonna be bigger when accounted for every sector individualy).
Best thing you can do is to encrease the accuracy of your prediction, and control conditions fanaticaly, it gonna permit you to anderstand why multiple zones of probability are formed. The key to encrease your chanses of your number to hit is to observe directly every spin the bechavior of the ball. How the ball beats diamonds and how many revolutions it does affects in wich zone it gonna stop. Shure that betting 3 adjacent numbers instead of one will encrease your chances to hitt (depends if numbers have more advantage accounted together then individualy). Scatter destribution is very interesting to account in both long and short run. If you wright your data consecutively, you gonna see that within smal series of trials scatter gonna bechave differently, depending on current conditions.
but if you wanna play ’ random chance of one wheel’… your chances to hitt are bigger the more numbers you play,but you dont gonna like the advantage you have…

but if you wanna play ' random chance of one wheel'... your chances to hitt are bigger the more numbers you play,but you dont gonna like the advantage you have...

this is what I mean, but when you say “your chances to hit are bigger the more numbers I play”, here I mean does the position or the layout of those numbers is important about to have more or less chance, I mean if this numbers I bet are neighbour each other than I will have more chances to win also or it doesn’t matter. this is obvious that like this is pure luck to play and do not like this kind of play, but just speaking about mathematics way to explain of this kind of difference - the representation of the chance with numbers of the near placed numbers on the wheel VS. the far placed numbers to bet on the wheel with equal all another conditions


I have to admit, l dont know the exact answer to your question.On my humble opinion you probably better to focus on what really matter. Like money to take from casino. …