How to beat a casino with the famous Sachse. Video footage

It took me a while to track this down, as youtube had removed it

OK enjoy the video, sorry its on german but youll get whats happening with the roulette and BJ


The link is either wrong or the video has been removed.

Link works fine

must be something to do with viewing writes in your country,sorry

The link shows a video that has nothing to do with Roulette

Well, I’m not in China,you know :slight_smile:
There is no censorship for the internet sites where i live.

P.S. Ou,you mean the site itself is restricting this video for certain countries… could be.

I can`t see it either, but i saw it when it was shown last year i think it was and i took a screen shot of Kaisan pointing down at the rotor where he expects the ball to land in the demo wheel he analysed. Damned if i can find it right now, but i got it somewhere.

If i recall it correct it was Markus K was the wheelwatcher in the casino. But it was a show, since they also filmed and interviewed in the security room during the play.

Shit! I would like to see this video! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Kelly Markus was the VB man in the documentry also along with a BJ expert and a top poker player from Germany

The BJ expert failed his challenge and blamed other players for this

Ill send you the link where I found the video
:-* :-*

Here is the video section from the TV group

then you type in spielbank (casino) ,But if link did nt work from here in my original post ,then trying a internal search at the Prosieben TV group may work ,if not Ill try to copy the video/file

I couldnt see it.

We can t see the video

Found it:

I can`t watch the link either unless i log on from an german IP. This is an old pic from the first show in 2009.