How to always win roulette - Seriously and FREE

Hello friends

To begin i want to emphasize that i do not need money.
I have enough money

Why i want to show you the roulette system free?

The reason is that now i have time and enough money. Now i can have fun and help people.
In the beginning I lost a lot of money because I used some systems that are on the Internet. We all know that none are safe. Many systems insult our intelligence.

I kept losing and i know how it is feeling bad.
Roulette is a very bad vice. Only a small number of people earning at roulette.
The vast majority lose money, lose a family … …

I managed. It was hard, but worth it.
I do not want to lie to you, it’s not everyone.

This system is safe 1000000%.
But the problem is in the discipline.
Again, the problem is if you are not disciplined.

This is the hardest lessons for people who gamble.
These lessons are not easy to learn.
But when you connect the system and discipline, you will get a lot of money

Roulette is a fantastically designed machine for taking the money.
Simply, roulette is not perfect.

I perfectly know the math.
Very well know the probability of various mathematical laws.
This helped me to develop a system that already works flawlessly for three years.

Thus, the system is based on mathematics and probability.
Using the computer i made an Excel spreadsheet that shows exactly how to play.
The rules are simple. You must abide by them at any time.
Only in this case my whole story makes sense.

All manuals can be downloaded via the following link:

(if you experience problems, try again)

Size : 320mb

This file contains:

  1. Roulette software to exercise (you can use other)
  2. Excel spreadsheet
  3. Word document explaining the entire game. (from first to last investment)
    He also explained how to use Excel spreadsheet
  4. Documentary that changed my way of thinking

Note: System will not help if you are not willing to follow the rules.

I expect your questions and suggestions …

We all know in here that Roulette can t be beaten with other ways exept phisics.
But thank you for your kindness to put your system here for free!
I am downloading it now and I will read everything and give you my personal review.
I am always open in new ideas.

Thanks again. ;D

If you are telling the tryth that this system is a winner over 3 years then WELL DONE!

Hey feniks, you promised a system for free, when I download I should
pay at paypal, do you want to fool me ?

IMHO it comes from Germany, be careful I live there.


Elhombre why are you making conclusions without having downlad it? :-\

The man speaks the truth. The system is indeed free.

The problem is that after I read it , I can see that it is just a Random system of betting 15-20 numbers with a progression…Nothing new under the sun…I suppose that will lose in the long run.

Ps. The SECRET documentary is the best of the best ! I have seen it over 3 times in my life…I 1st watched 4 years ago.
This file worths to be downloaded only for this documentary…
Forester if you can remember I have sent you this DVD… ;D

Thanks for your effort mate! I can see some very nice Maths behind the system but I need to test to see how dangerous it can be…

Thank you

Ok Feniks.
I am testing the system and I have some questions.

1)Why we have to bet a minimum of 15 numbers and a maximum of 20?
2)Why we don t have a steady amount of numbers to bet when we start?
3)Why are we taking out of our next bets the number that just won?( I think its about Maths and NOT about bet selection)
4)Why can t we make an excel map of betting 5 or 10 numbers at start?
5)What is the bank that we need when we play with 1 euro bet? 1000 euros?
6)Exept the A1 cell of the excel that we are putting our valieu of chip do I have to also change anything else in the other cells during play?

Thank you.

Ok now let s see if I have understood how to play ur system correctly.
Please read and tell me IF iI am correct and IF I have any mistakes correct me… Thanks.

We start betting 15 or 20 numbers.
We are betting those numebers in every spin.
If we will be in a new PROFIT we do the same again.
If we will win BUT we will not be in profit we continue betting those numbers again BUT without the winning number.If we will WIN with an other number BUT we are NOT in a new PROFIT we continue betting those numbers BUT without the WINNING numbers(in that case we don t bet 2 numbers that have won)
We do this all the time and IF we will NOT be in a profit after 36 spins then we ADD 1 more chip on the numbers that are left.
so Eg. ef we have won with the 8 numbers of the 18 (starting bet) we then continue betting the 10 that are left and we are betting them according to the spread excel seat valieu of chips?

There is a case that we will have left with only 1 or 2 numbers(because the others won) and we are adding chips on them wile we are lossing!!! This is the bad thing of the system


Viper, You understand.

The point is … some of your selected numbers will not fall even after 200 spins (maybe).

If you find the other 1 - 2 Number, you are wrong.

Surely you much earlier had at least 1 cent profit, but did not end the game.
I am sure 100%.
3 years system is not fooled me.

This is the main reason we are taking 15-20 of the first.

P.S. Download is free !!!

Note: There is always a moment when you have at least 1 cent in profit.
Then you have to quit the game and start a new one.

For this you need to pay attention!

If you bet 1 , a sufficient bank of 1,000

I know that it is a free download.
And I never continue playing when I was in a new profit.
I was always starting a new session after a new profit.

As I told you before the problem with this system is that there will be sessions that when the most numbers have won and we are NOT in a new profit…we will be left with only 1-3 numbers and the bets will go very HIGH! Because it is NOT easy to hit only 1-3 numbers.


I will repeat once again.

You will not stay on the 1-3 number, if you played correctly.
Maybe some of those numbers would come all day.

So you start with number 15-20.
Therefore, there is an Excel spreadsheet

So the system is based on luck :o

Please do not comment on the system until you try

Many people read only the initial explanation.
Think that this is something we have already seen

I am looking sistme years on the Internet.
This is unique, because I personally I made

You have to play !!!

Please do not comment on the system until you try.

Why to try if in your system you didn’t provide any single point why the system should change casinos advantage.

I am looking sistme years on the Internet. This is unique, because I personally I made

Then any system is unique since every system is made by someone, I am having problem understanding what your point is.

You have to play !!!

Nobody have to play, and people shouldn’t play something that’s not justified.
Your system is doesn’t have anything to make it a winner.

"Remember how much you have in the account when you first started playing. Stop the moment you exceed that amount (even if it's just one cent).THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF THIS SYSTEM"

You suggesting to play 17 numbers, if player by luck makes any profit you suggest to play different numbers. That doesn’t benefit player in any way. Why playing different numbers increases his chance?

"Any number that hit immediately remove and continue without [s]him[/s]."

If the player is losing and by luck gets one hit, to stop playing that number in next spins. That also doesn’t benefit player or change casinos advantage in any way it doesn’t make the player to recover his losses, therefore he can lose more since casinos advantage is still present.

Also roulette number is not " him". :o

Can you tell us please WHY ur system is a long run winner?
I mean…what is the advantage of it?

Also in the excel u say that if eg in the spin 190 No win we have to be something like 100 chips on the numbets ! :o

No casino can allow such a BIG bet !

All he does is spam forums
The file is located at filesonic when people download it he may gets few cents for each download.

Nice idea…LoL

I saw that they banned him in because they also understood him.

system allows you to make profits by 10%

It is impossible to make a lot of money

I in Serbia, taking $ 100 per day

here is the big money

online casino has a low limit

because I play in real casinos

I do not have time to discuss

Who wants some proof … not always aware of what awaits him

which I believe does not have to read this

system allows you to make profits by 10%

You couldn’t prove or justify it in any way.

It is impossible to make a lot of money
Contradiction, the system is legal 10% is huge therefore if system works the player should be able to make a lot of money.
I in Serbia, taking $ 100 per day
Your location doesn't change casino odds
I do not have time to discuss
But you have had time to post it to all forums?
Who wants some proof.... not always aware of what awaits him which I believe does not have to read this
That applies to anything on the net, here we select only what matters.