How to always predict the right revolution


somedays ago i was in the casino and was testing my VB skills.

I found a tilted weel that was hitting most on 2 DDs.

on CW the 12 ock and 3 ock were most hitting
on ACW the 12 ock and the 9 ock most hitting

So we know that with partcular rotor speeds like 5.5 - 4.2 p/s (i only play that speeds so to have the advantage if the ball will miss the DD and go to the next)we can have the right predicted number (strike point)if the ball will make 5 rev or 4.25(1 rev shorter as fotester explains in the tilt2 video)
or 6 rev and 5.25…or 4 and 3.25…or anything like that!

so when i was making predictions at the right rev …when the ball was hitting the 12 or 3 ock pin the prediction was perfect!(of couse i was calculating rotor speed also to see where the points will do match…and i was changing the observation point accordingly)

BUT the main proplem to a VBer(as Forester say)is the mistaken rev!!!

so listen what i did on my video spins and not only i was predicting EVERYTIME the correct rev ,but i also knew which DD would hit…and the best???when the ball will not hit eather of these DDs and go for an other diamond(in that case we don t bet at all)

I used my mobiles phone METRONOME.

and when i was obsearving that the ball had a particular speed that i thought that it was the rev i did this!

when the ball was exactly passing the DD i was starting metronome…
and after the end of the beep i was obsearving where the ball was!!!

this picture tells everything!

if i didn t have the ball at these particular positions(when i was hearing the beep) 2 things was happening

1)wrong rev
2)not hitting my DDs

these 2 things are bad and we can save mistaken predictions

so when i had the beep at the right place …i was letting to pass the 12 ock DD(couse we don t hurry to look at the observation point) and in the next rotation(when the ball was exactly passing at the 12 ock DD…) i was making the prediction.

30 spins 29 perfect!!!
and i was prediction the 5 rev out ot the 4.25…good time to place bets!!!

i wonder if i can do the same to the casino? ;D

10 pll are watching

any opinions?

Yes, the picture is to large. :-\

For me is very hard to understand your problem. Really I not understand essence of your text and not understand what you want to show with picture.


this is not a post of a problem :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

its a post about “how to predict the correct rev”

I can recognize that by feeling not need to count something. From 10 I will be right 8-9 times surely.

you are using longer time
this was only 3/4 of rotation